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Stressed backwards spells Desserts!

Alex Sigmund, University of Georgia

Creative Corner, Submission

"We all know that veterinary school is quite a life hurdle to overcome. Finding a slice of happiness during school is what has kept me sane during countless “hell months” and marathon study sessions. Desserts is where I’ve found solace and here is a piece of what I’ve done. Pictured is a wedding cake I did for a fellow veterinary classmate. White velvet cake, torted with strawberry jam and lemon curd, and covered with silky smooth buttercream ruffles making this creation a hit!" -A.Sigmund




Hannah Fearing, University of Georgia

Creative Corner, Winner



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Joyce Huang, UGA

Foot In Mouth, Entry


One day, I was talking to a non-vet school friend about what I learned at the vet hospital and I mentioned Demodex.  I thought nothing about it, until I saw her worried expression.

Me: ", this dog came in and it had Demodex. The doctors were showing me how to find it with a scrape."
Friend: "..."
*5 minutes into the conversation*
Friend: "Wait. Did you say Demon X?? What kind of bugs are there in the vet world???"
Me: "...Demodex? Though...Demon X sounds like a good name for it too..."

Plant Kingdom in Watercolor

Hannah Fearing, University of Georgia

Creative Corner

"Philodendron bipinnatifidum"

"Hedera helix"


Pumpkin's Green Vines

Jenny Rae Jones, University of Georgia

Creative Corner, Winner



As the sun drifts away,

the scarecrows come out to play.

They dance and leap, through fall’s

leaf heaps.


Splendor is the autumn breeze,

flowing through the dying trees.

The full moon shines, on the pumpkin's

green vines.


The foggy forest glows, as the owl's eye shows.

Throughout the night, the scampering paws

and the bat’s flight.


The darkness through the wood,

as the ghosts sing as they should.

A beautiful autumn night, with only a little