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sunday funday

Thank you to Vanessa Adarme from St. George's University for sharing these winning submissions to our Foot in Mouth category.

Q: What does the dentist of the year get?

A: A little plaque



Joyce Huang, UGA

Foot In Mouth, Entry


One day, I was talking to a non-vet school friend about what I learned at the vet hospital and I mentioned Demodex.  I thought nothing about it, until I saw her worried expression.

Me: ", this dog came in and it had Demodex. The doctors were showing me how to find it with a scrape."
Friend: "..."
*5 minutes into the conversation*
Friend: "Wait. Did you say Demon X?? What kind of bugs are there in the vet world???"
Me: "...Demodex? Though...Demon X sounds like a good name for it too..."