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Caption Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted captions to last Issue's "Caption This" contest. The winning captions were:



"Pinch me, I'm dreaming! Actually, never mind, pass the salt!”








"When you find out humans are made of bones!"








The first was submitted by Melanie Runkle from NCSU and the second by Kellie Hale from Oklahoma State! Thanks for helping us determine what Skippy and Schatzi were actually thinking!


Friday Funnies

These memes were submitted by Katelyn Guill-Sanchez from Kansas State University. I wish I had the Salter-Harris one when I was studying for musculoskeletal diseases!


Trivia Answer!

The trivia question in Volume 54, Issue 2 was: "What animal by-product is said to have an eternal shelf life?"

The answer is: honey!


Congratulations to Samantha Crist from the University of Illinois for being the first to get it correct. Be sure to check out the trivia question for Volume 54, Issue 3 here and consider entering submissions to one of our categories while you're there!


Get Lost in Nature and You Will Find Yourself

Peter DeLuca from Western University submitted these breath-taking photos! Thanks, Peter!

Tree Tunnel - Hearst Memorial State Beach, CAFern Canyon - Redwoods National Park, CA









Mount Lassen and Painted Dunes - Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA


Finals Season Feels

Since many of us are in the midst of finals, this very relatable meme created by Rebecca Storlie from the University of Minnesota is great for a laugh while you're procrastinating!