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Meet Timber, a 15 week old Golden Retriever puppy! He belongs to Bethany Lewis from North Carolina State University. His favorite things are treats, sticks, and of course more treats.



Symposium Hotel Reservations

Today is the last day to get discounted reservations at the Loewis Hotel!




Project Samana

This past November I embarked on a journey to the Dominican Republic with Project Samana, a group formed by the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association. Truthfully, I had no idea what an influential impact this trip would have on me and my future career as a veterinarian. I was amazed at the generosity of the people of the equine community there and how closely they lived with their animals. The community we visited was dependent on their horses being usable for trail rides and though many can hardly afford shoes for their children, I was constantly overwhelmed by their generosity toward our group of volunteers. While on farm calls, several horse owners cooked us lunch and sent us along with fresh avocados and cacaos. And later, while stopping at a roadside stand, the store owner insisted we take intricately engraved coconut shells. 

This trip offered me a different perspective on my future role as an equine veterinarian in the global community. It was the first time I witnessed how horses and mules play a different role in areas outside the United States. Both dogs and horses lived among the people. During an examination of a horse with Habronema, the anxiety of the owners was palpable as they waited nearby for the okay that horse could go back on the trails, which was the family’s only source of income.

During my trip I met a young veterinarian around my age. She had recently graduated from the veterinary school in Santo Domingo, but was working on her family’s tourism business instead. Sadly, she had been unable to make a living as a veterinarian in Samana because so few have the funds for veterinary care.  Although in the United States I struggle with student debt, I realized her problems were much larger. I still cannot fathom going to veterinary school and being unable to use the degree I spent four years of my life working towards. I intend to remain involved with Project Samana in the future as a veterinarian. Special thanks to the Mississippi State International Travel Committee for the financial support of my trip.  

Thank you Katie Larson, Mississippi State University Vet Student, for sharing this wonderful story with us.


The Beauty of Iceland

Sarah Montoya from North Carolina University sent in these beautiful pictures from her trip to Iceland.


vet school haikus?

Yes, you heard correct haikus specific to veterinary school. Check out these amazing poems written by vet student, Marina Kviker from the University of Pennsylvania (where the soon to be SAVMA symposium will be held!)