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Nothing BUTT cakes

Creativity comes in all forms and we are lucky enough to get to see Hanum Wensil-Strow's talent. The University of Pennsylvania is lucky to get to see these wonderfully hilarious creations. 

Farm Cake for Penn Vet's BakeoffCat butt/testicle cake for a friend who does a lot of TNR

Fertilization Cake for Repro Lab group


Stressed backwards spells Desserts!

Alex Sigmund, University of Georgia

Creative Corner, Submission

"We all know that veterinary school is quite a life hurdle to overcome. Finding a slice of happiness during school is what has kept me sane during countless “hell months” and marathon study sessions. Desserts is where I’ve found solace and here is a piece of what I’ve done. Pictured is a wedding cake I did for a fellow veterinary classmate. White velvet cake, torted with strawberry jam and lemon curd, and covered with silky smooth buttercream ruffles making this creation a hit!" -A.Sigmund



Cake Decorating

Creative Corner

Chloe Matelski

Texas A&M

I am a cake designer. This is my art; my way of combining cake decorating and science!

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