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Meet the Editors 

Meredith Chamberlain

Meredith with her horse, M'LadyIf Meredith could have two bumper stickers on her car they would read; "My Horse Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student" and "I'd Rather Be Hiking". A fourth year at the Atlantic Veterinary College, she hopes to someday practice equine medicine or perhaps dabble in radiology. In the meantime she is content catering to her cats, Athena, Lucy, and Ethel and horse, M'Lady,learning to knit mittens and bake the perfect cookie, and finding every excuse to get outside and explore some mountaintops. She is honored to be your vet-gazette editor and wishes everyone a wonderful year.





Kyndel Lann

Kyndel Lann is a third year vet student at Midwestern University, located in Arizona. Upon graduation she is hoping to work in organized veterinary medicine and has particular interest in policy and public health. In what little spare time she has, she enjoys playing roller derby for her local league. Kyndel would not be a true vet student if she did not have a menagerie of animals to keep her company at home. Her residence is joined by her playful boxer, Piper, and her two pretentious yet adorable kitties, Shark Bait and Sissy. She is so excited to be your Vet Gazette Editor-elect and is looking foward to serving all you wonderful people.