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Meet the Editors 

 Alexandria Schauer

Alex with her dog, FrankieAs a fourth year veterinary student at the University of Minnesota, Alex is a budding veterinary pathologist who wants to be a mad scientist some day.  In the future, you won't find her in practice, but rather in a lab somewhere. Beyond running, gardening, and spending time with her pup Frankie, she is passionate about microscopy, in large part through her experience as an algae researcher in genetics. Being a part of the veterinary profession for the past three years has been an amazing and truly rewarding experience for Alex, finding both support and inspiration through her peers. She hopes to bring an element of personality and humor to TVG, and is super excited to be your Editor.







Meredith Chamberlain

Meredith with her horse, M'LadyIf Meredith could have two bumper stickers on her car they would read; "My Horse Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student" and "I'd Rather Be Hiking". A third year at the Atlantic Veterinary College, she hopes to someday practice equine medicine or perhaps dabble in radiology. In the meantime she is content catering to her cats, Athena, Lucy, and Ethel and horse, M'Lady, learning to knit mittens and bake the perfect cookie, and finding every excuse to get outside and explore some mountaintops. She is honored to be your vet-gazette editor-elect and wishes everyone a wonderful year.