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Cher Hung - Georgia
V:50 I:3 Creative Corner






Holiday Cheer


Wrinkles From Time

Jenny Jones - Georgia

Creative Corner


"Wrinkles From Time"

Hand-drawn with black pen.


My Day at the CDC

Kaylee Quinn - Georgia



I was beyond overjoyed when I received my acceptance letter to vet school.  I had crossed one obstacle and could move on to the next: what did I want to focus on?  I had many diverse experiences in many different areas of veterinary medicine such as wildlife, dairy medicine, and small animal.   It was not until I started vet school that I was introduced to the idea of public health.  My interests began to grow rapidly and I started exploring the different opportunities available.  I questioned all the public health veterinarians at our career opportunities class, applied for different summer opportunities and signed up to attend A Day at CDC for Vet Students.    

I was very excited about this trip because I knew it was a full day designed to encourage careers in public health.  I remember pulling up to the CDC and thinking wow, I'm actually at the CDC!

During the day, we were able to listen to lectures, take part in a simulation exercise, meet in small groups for a career Q&A, and walk around different booths to learn more about different federal agencies. During the day we were able to tour the main campus, the Emergency Operations Center, or the CDC Museum.  The most interesting part of the day was learning what CDC offered for vet students including the epidemiology elective program, the CDC-Hubert Global Health Fellowship, and the post-graduate Epidemiology Intelligence Service.  I had heard of these programs but was not familiar with them. 

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Stressed backwards spells Desserts!

Alex Sigmund, University of Georgia

Creative Corner, Submission

"We all know that veterinary school is quite a life hurdle to overcome. Finding a slice of happiness during school is what has kept me sane during countless “hell months” and marathon study sessions. Desserts is where I’ve found solace and here is a piece of what I’ve done. Pictured is a wedding cake I did for a fellow veterinary classmate. White velvet cake, torted with strawberry jam and lemon curd, and covered with silky smooth buttercream ruffles making this creation a hit!" -A.Sigmund




Hannah Fearing, University of Georgia

Creative Corner, Winner



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