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You think they will revamp their logo

Jessica Schult from University of Illinois sent this masterpiece in.


She Needs Her Own Calendar

Meet Fiona, isn't she adorbs! This cutie pie belongs to Elizabeth De la Torre from St. George's University.

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Monday Memes

Some good laughs from Louise Qu at Western University.

Most Interesting Doggo


Back to your Beginnings

Check out this experience piece written by Caitlyn Freeny from Ross University.

My Trip Back Home

During my last semester break, I was fortunate enough to be able to shadow the doctors I worked for prior to coming to vet school. It was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with the people that supported me in the beginning of my journey in becoming a doctor and to visit the hospital I previously called home.

My week started with a nasty pyometra surgery. I was able to scrub in and partake in hands on experience. I was fortunate to watch one of our doctors remove this while spaying the patient. It was a dream come true to scrub in next to the doctors that I look up to.  The week continued with ER cases as well as dental cases. The best part about this trip is that the majority of the cases I saw, ended up being a main focus in my Small Animal Surgery course and Small Animal Medicine II course.

It was an amazing experience to be back with my old coworkers and to see how far I have come from being the receptionist that was shy and overwhelmed on my first day back in 2014.  The San Francisco SPCA- Pacific Heights campus will always be my second home. I’ll never forget the opportunity they gave me when they hired me, as well as the encouragement they’ve offered. I’ve learned so much from the staff and I truly believe that I will be a better doctor due to their guidance.







Pyometra. Dental case with enamel hypoplasia. My coworker’s stylish dog, Lucy. ER case, HBC





Meet Pixar, a Shetland Sheepdog, belonging to Heather McFarlane from St. George's University.

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