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Communicating Diversity within Veterinary Medicine Grant

Communicating Diversity within Veterinary Medicine Grant
SAVMA's Integrative Communications and Diversity Committee

Are you passionate about creating a more culturally intelligent veterinary profession? The goal of this $250-$500 grant is to encourage veterinary students to engage in dialogue about diversity and inclusion among all members of their school and beyond through various activities and programs. Up to five grants will be awarded to deserving individuals or groups who host a diversity-based activity that facilitates conversation and awareness about diversity and inclusion in veterinary medicine. To apply, please write a 300-­500 word essay briefly describing the activity, how dialogue was encouraged, and the projected impact and continuity of the event. In order to qualify for the grant, no fundraising component can come from the activity. If possible, please include any photos of the event and any notes, posters, or pamphlets given at the event. 

Applications are due 
November 15th, 2018 at 11:59pm EST. For more information and the link to apply, click HERE. Must be a SAVMA member to apply.


Environmental Awareness Grant 

Environmental Awareness Grant 2018
SAVMA's Public Health and Community Outreach Committee 

The Environmental Awareness Grant is a SAVMA sponsored grant that allows for current SAVMA members to reach out and initiate environmental projects, engage in research, or attend conservation related events/ meetings. This grant can be used to support topics such as: initiating recycling programs at your school, decreasing plastic waste in the veterinary community, support for conservation programs, travel grants for conservation projects local and abroad, and supporting research relating to veterinary conservation. 

A first place grant receives $1000 and two honorable mentions receive $500. Applications and Letter of Recommendation are due November 1, 2018! Check out the details here. You must be a SAVMA member to apply.

Email with any questions by using "Environmental Awareness Grant 2018" in the subject line


Bare Bones Feature - SAVMA's International Exchange Officer

 Introducing our new mini newsletter, The Bare Bones. It is a feature highlighting what your national SAVMA team, executive board and delegates, are doing for you. Each edition will showcase a SAVMA officer and what their job entails. Our first featured officer is our SAVMA Executive Board, International Exchange Officer (IEO), Kayla Caturay, from Ross University.  

Anthony Pizzelanti from the University of Pennsylvania was the designer behind the Bare Bones logo. 

Kayla first began her SAVMA involvement as a Delegate for Ross University SVM and now represents SAVMA as the Exchange Officer within the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA). On the global scale, SAVMA encompasses all of the AVMA-accredited schools to embody IVSA SAVMA – (the member organization (MO) recognized by IVSA). As IEO, Kayla travels to four events annually representing SAVMA; both the national conferences, SAVMA Symposium and AVMA Convention, and both the IVSA global events, IVSA Symposium and IVSA Congress. 

Just to name a few of Kayla's duties as IEO:
  • When stateside, Kayla serves as one of the SAVMA Executive Board members, working hard to voice and address student concerns, such as representation of island schools in the House of Delegates;
  • implementing constructive solutions and student initiatives, such as “Reasons to Go G10bal with IVSA” and the cultural sensitivity project (coming soon);
  • overseeing and aiding the local IVSA SAVMA chapters at each university;
  • acting as an advisor to the SAVMA International Veterinary Experience Committee (IVEC), and;
  • facilitating exchanges between international students seeking veterinary experiences within SAVMA and SAVMA students pursuing international excursions.
  • similar duties when representing SAVMA abroad
There are many parallels between SAVMA and IVSA, and the IEO ensures continuity within her member organization (MO) as well as between the MO and IVSA global. So early on as students, the unique opportunity to build international relations and shape the profession presents itself.

*As a friendly reminder, all SAVMA members are automatically members of IVSA

Veterinary Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Group's Sports Medicine Conference

Hello, everyone! Are you interested in Veterinary Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (VOSM)? Do you love conferences? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then read on! VOSM's Sports Medicine Conference will be happening in Frederick, MD on November 17-18, 2018. Click on their flyer below for more information!


Trivia Question

Volume 53 Issue 4 Trivia Question:

What animal is the only one born with horns?






Answer: Giraffe


 Image result for giraffe baby and mom

* Erin Beasley from North Carolina State University was the first student to respond with the answer.

You can find the next Trivia question on the Call for Submission tab of the Vet Gazette.