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Poems of Veterinary School

These three lovely poems were sent to us from Rachael Schulte from the University of Missouri and were winners of our Foot in Mouth submission category. Thank you for sharing with us Rachael! ‘Twas the week before finals ‘Twas the week before finals And all through the school The students were studying (And one moaned like a ghoul) Thoughts of failure, Tears, and panic attacks, held at bay By promises of coffee And sleep at the end of the day

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Cutest pet winners

Thank you to Liz Wahl from North Carolina State University for sharing these adorable pictures of Jetson and Lucy. They're guaranteed to make your Thursday better, because science.
"Lazy Lucy"


"Maine Coon" in acrylic paint on canvas

Courtney Schiller from Iowa State University submitted this winning piece of original art work to the creative corner submissio category. Absolutely beautiful!



Vet School Haikus

Submitted and written for us by Alexandra Ford from Louisiana State University

How to study for

systemic pathology:

It's the liver's fault.


Giardia is

a fancy word for needing

a fresh set of scrubs.


My leg fell asleep

in the middle of class. It's

tick paralysis!


Pink and purple stuff

is all I see when I'm in

histology lab.


To the person who

donated a Keurig to

our classroom; Bless you.



Happy moooooday

Thank you to Avery Goho from North Carolina State University for sending us this udderly amazing photo. Making cow friends and listening to the beautiful cacophony of their bells in Switzerland