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Student blogger: SAVMA Delegate edition

As a SAVMA delegate, Nikki Dowgos, a first year at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, had a slightly different experience at Symposium than most other students who attended. As a representative of her veterinary school she acts as a member of the SAVMA House of Delegates (or SAVMA HOD) to be the voice of her colleagues at the national level. This means missing some of those incredible lectures, wet labs, and day trips to attend meetings, roundtable discussions, and open floor sessions in order to guide and direct the policy and activities of SAVMA in the best interest of the veterinary profession and the public it serves. It's no small task but even as a first time Symposium attendee, Nikki was up for the challenge. Thank you Nikki, for sharing your experience with us!

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Student blogger: SAVMA Symposium Edition

To help get a better idea of what SAVMA Symposium was really like for a first time attendee, we asked Chris White, a third year veterinary student at the Atlantic Veterinary College, to share his experience with us. This was Chris's first time attending SAVMA Symposium and his first trip to Texas, what could possibly happen?

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Never been to SAVMA symposium!?

If you've never been to SAVMA Symposium before you were probably wondering why about 3 weeks ago all your friends were posting cool pictures, sending snapchats riding a mechanical bull, and starting to say howdy y'all! This year, the annual SAVMA Symposium, was hosted by Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and let's just say Texas knows how to put on an incredible show. Every March, Symposium brings together veterinary students from all over the world to participate in fascinating lectures, interactive wet labs, fun social events, and exciting day trips. It's a wonderful event that hundreds of students attend every year and for the next 3 days here on The Vet Gazette you'll be able to hear from a few of them about their symposium experiences. Today we highlight those recipients of the 2017 SAVMA Symposium Travel Grant Sponsored by the SAVMA Education and Professional Development Committee. SAVMA offers scholarships every year to veterinary students travelling to Symposium in the hope of alleviating some of the financial strain of attending the event. Check out this link for more information about this scholarship and many more offered through SAVMA.

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Mondays are hard, memes make them better 

The beginning of the week is hard enough, but thankfully we have just the cure.

Directions: Memes and cartoons (90% laughing, 5% chuckling to yourself, 5% happy tears solution) Take as needed OU until symptoms of "Is Monday over yet" subside, refill as needed

Shared with us by Hannah Leigh Varnell from North Carolina State University
Submitted by Bryan Foote from Midwestern University


"When your male practice owner needs to get a message across", shared with us by Kyrie Ivanovich from Colorado State University


Shared with us by Bryan Foote from Midwestern University


"When vet students have been studying Microbiology for too long" submitted by Bryan Foote from Midwestern University


 "When your super special magnetic bowl goes missing, the one that has faithfully held your acupuncture needles for years... you have to take matters into your own hands". Submitted by Kyrie Ivanovich from CSU Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesShared with us by Louise Qu from Western University


happy caturday

Thank you to Ariel Nelson from Washington State University CVM for sharing her pictures with us and congratulations to her and Dynamite for being selected as one of the winners of the Cutest Pet photo contest! 

Also, let's be honest. We're all a bit jealous of how good "Dynamite" looks in that fabulous, polka dot onesie.