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Winn and AAFP Announce 2019 Scholarship Recipients to Support Future of Feline Medicine and Welfare


Awards support the success of veterinary students who focus on feline clinical practice and research science that are vital to the future of feline medicine and welfare

[Wyckoff, NJ; Hillsborough, NJ; May 7, 
2019] Winn Feline Foundation (Winn) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) are proud to announce the two recipients of the 2019 joint scholarships for clinical practice and clinical research scientist. Both organizations believe in a future where the advancement of feline medicine is commonplace across veterinary practices. Toward that vision, they support veterinary students who focus on feline clinical practice and research science, which are vital to feline health and welfare.

This year’s recipients show exceptional promise: Laurel Krause, a junior at Colorado State University, was awarded the clinical research scientist scholarship; Summer Marsh, a senior at Colorado State University, was awarded the clinical practice scholarship.

Ms. Krause is planning to complete a small animal rotating internship in Southern California and intends to specialize in small animal internal medicine with special interest in geriatric feline medicine and endoscopy. She says, “Cats are the entire package: cute, goofy, soft, sweet, independent, loyal…the list goes on! My life is much richer with my feline friends. This award is a true honor and encourages me to continue pursuing excellence in feline medicine. As a student, this support from the feline practitioner community welcomes me to the profession and means that throughout my career, I will work to give back much more than I have been given.”

Ms. Marsh has always dreamed of working with cats and has held many community events in support of feline care. After graduation, she will work for a small animal veterinarian at Firgrove Veterinary Hospital in Puyallup, WA, where she will continue her passion of advocating for cats. She says she loves cats “because every cat is a different puzzle. Cats are so intelligent, and I love forming a connection with them and showing them trust and safety in going to the vet. I often speak to them in ‘meow’ language, and I am endlessly intrigued by their strong, diverse personalities. This award is a huge honor to me because I have devoted so much of my heart to caring for cats, and I am thankful that I will continue to help cats every day of my career.”

“Both Laurel and Summer have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills that have led to many early accomplishments; their zealous pursuit of understanding the unique needs of cats through science will open many doors to them as veterinarians and to the welfare of cats. We aim to support and highlight their enthusiasm for feline medicine so that others will continue on the same path,” said Julie Legred, Executive Director of Winn.

In 2016, the Boards of Directors of both Winn and the AAFP approved the development and implementation of a joint scholarship offered by the two leading feline-dedicated organizations. After an unprecedented number of applicants and positive feedback from veterinary education programs, the boards decided to continue offering this opportunity, expanding the selection to two recipients in the categories of clinical practice and clinical research scientist. The application process prompts students to answer two essay questions explaining their specific interest and background in feline health and welfare, as well as their plans for future participation in feline medicine. Recipients of the $2,500 scholarships are selected based on individual academic achievement, strong leadership, and deep dedication to the study of feline medicine, health, and welfare. For more information,

“We are all impressed by the lifelong passion both Laurel and Summer have shown for cats. This is apparent even in the early stages of their careers where their focus and dedication on advancing feline health and welfare is remarkable,” said Heather O’Steen, CAE and Chief Executive Officer of the AAFP. She continues, “Their passion for clinical research and clinical practice, respectively, has already led to phenomenal success. We’re excited about what they will bring to the future of feline medicine and research.”

The AAFP and Winn are both dedicated to advancing and enhancing standards in feline care. AAFP has numerous resources for veterinary students, such as discounts to the AAFP Annual Conference, and practical resources housed in the Student Center on its website, which includes complimentary webinars and a toolkit for veterinary students. The toolkit contains materials to help veterinary students embrace a feline perspective and obtain further knowledge about the standards needed to elevate care for cats. Winn also offers various educational resources on its website, including the Cat Health News Blog, educational articles, podcasts, videos, and an annual continuing educational symposium. Information regarding research grant awards and cat health study findings are also available on the website or through subscribing to the monthly e-newsletter. Other educational opportunities from Winn and the AAFP can also be found on each website.


Norman's Hops Hopped IPA

Kellie Riper from Oregon State University created these labels to go on a batch of Hazy IPA bottles. She took her favorite photo of her always-hungry rabbit, Norman, and used a photoshop program to add hop vines. She then made the photo look like a painting and created the label!

Disclaimer: Hops are probably not great for rabbits to eat--he's eating cilantro in the original photo!


Mother’s Day Takes on New Meaning with Vet Candy

Veterinary moms are on a mission to make life easier for other working vet moms

Montclair, New Jersey: Working moms face serious challenges every day of their lives. They must balance work with their home life, which often leaves them with little time for their personal interests. In addition, they are typically the primary caregiver for children and that can leave them stressed out and exhausted.

Vet Candy is here to help! Vet Candy is an innovative digital hub created by a group of veterinary and expert professionals – most of them are working moms. The idea is to establish a content delivery system that will make it easier for working veterinary professionals to be effective at work and at the same time have time for their children and family.

Vet Candy features clinical updates, scientific news, and expert tips, together with the latest lifestyle and health trends. It is a comprehensive source for the busy veterinary professional.

"As a mother, wife, and hospital owner, I know how precious each minute of my day is," said Dr. Kathryn Primm, Vet Candy advisor. "The goal of Vet Candy is to make our busy lives easier, by providing updated news and information that is required in our profession."

There is currently too much information for professionals to absorb, which can be frustrating. Vet Candy’s unique approach to the often-overwhelming influx of news is refreshing. They provide the latest information for working professionals looking to stay on top of the latest scientific and clinical news, who may not have enough time or energy to keep up. 

“Recent studies show that veterinary professionals, especially those that are female, find their career highly stressful,” says Julie Legred, CVT, former executive director of National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America and Vet Candy advisor, “lack of work life balance can make them at risk for depression. At Vet Candy, we hope to help veterinary professionals balance a career and their busy personal life, with expert tips ranging from healthy living to parenting- all the support we as mothers need to know and all in one place.”

Vet Candy provides a free subscription based weekly email featuring clinical updates, scientific news, and lifestyle tips. Content is also shared on Vet Candy’s social channels and through an app that is available for free on i-Tunes.  

“Veterinary medicine is dominated by women, with more than 60% of veterinary professionals being women and a good majority of them are also moms.” says Dr.  Marta Sanchez-Emden, Vet Candy contributor, mom of two, and owner of Animal Health and Rehab Center in Miami, Florida, “The pressure working moms have on them is real, we hope to take some of that pressure off, so they can enjoy their lives.”

Vet Candy aims to make life easier for the busy veterinary professional. Through well-researched content, inspirational profiles, together with the latest scientific news and trends, the site functions as an all-inclusive and informative lens into the world of veterinary medicine.

Vet Candy provides a free subscription based weekly email featuring clinical updates, scientific news, and lifestyle tips. Content is also shared on Vet Candy’s social channels and through an app that is available for free on iTunes.

Vet Candy prides itself in providing easy access to entertaining, trusted, and expert information. Vet Candy’s expert panel of contributors includes a certified career coach, Win Sheffield, Bryan Gum, a certified financial planner, Caitlin Kiarie, a registered nutritionist, and Dr. Dara Querimit, a licensed clinical psychologist.

Veterinary professionals are encouraged to sign up free at myvetcandy, download the Vet Candy app on i-Tunes, and follow @myvetcandy on social.



These memes were submitted by Lauren Gawel from Tufts University. She credits the content to the Facebook group "Wild Green Memes for Ecological Fiends". If you love anything ecological, environmental, or biological and want daily laughs, I highly recommend you check them out!









Caption Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted captions to last Issue's "Caption This" contest. The winning captions were:



"Pinch me, I'm dreaming! Actually, never mind, pass the salt!”








"When you find out humans are made of bones!"








The first was submitted by Melanie Runkle from NCSU and the second by Kellie Hale from Oklahoma State! Thanks for helping us determine what Skippy and Schatzi were actually thinking!