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Dreaming of Warm Waters

Happy Wednesday, Vet Gazetters! Is this chilly weather bringing you down? Check out these beautiful (and warm!) photos submitted by Nicole Clark from SGU!


Ewe Have to See This!

These awesome photos were submitted by Amanda Trompeta from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Thanks, Amanda!


Putting It All in Perspective


Captive Gaze

 Dancing Shoes











These stunning photos were submitted by Tori Van Wart from Texas A&M University. Thanks, Tori!


Healing Hands

Check out these peaceful photos uploaded by Shanna Wong from North Carolina State University!

ReflectionsGolden Hour


Andrew Tsai Photography

Andrew Tsai - Western

Volume 51: Issue 2 2nd Place Overall Winner & Photography Winner


From the artist:

"The goal was to throw the rock near the toad, make it jump, and shoot a photo while it was  in mid-air. The rock bounced off the ground (carrying a yellow pebble with it on the left) and rolled over the toad. He didn't move."


Moment of Zen 

From the artist:

"Beef cattle are pretty wary of humans. I had to stand still by the water for a good ten minutes before they approached for a drink." 

Water Cooler Gossip


From the artist:

"I wanted to make a smartphone wallpaper and very luckily it rained that night (this is in California). I collected some rain on my umbrella and dragged the droplets to make a paw print, which took a while. Didn't get any studying done that night. Again."

 Wet Paws