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Anesthesia Rap

Anesthesia Rotation Rap

by Maxbetter Vizelberg

Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine


Last week of Anesthesia, yo we started from the bottom

Hella cases, Wetmore said get ‘em, so I got ‘em

Scared at first, but Tim cane like Hillary Rodham

Saw Sue the Shih Tzu with pectus excavatum

Also saw v-tach, I call it the kiss of death

Monitored SpO2, we be usin’ Pleth

On-call shifts, man, they’ve been killin’ me

And Goldberg testing me on contractility

Rapping so hard that I think my chest hurts

Forgettin’ to put stickers on medical records

Vet school felony, well maybe it’s a misdemeanor

I’m simply just trying to impress Dr. Becca Reader

Whose big goal is to optimize analgesia

We prefer gas inhalants in lieu of usin’ TIVA

Rounds room is boiling, feelin' like I got a fever

Fake news: Ketamine will always cause a seizure

Gettin’ in my zone, flexin’ on that Trazodone

Screw our president cuz he leaves Alfaxalone (all facts alone)

Alternative truth, we measure CO2 in horses

Wolfensberger et. al., gotta check your sources

Useful child, I’m an able son (Abelson), word to ‘manda

Happy Chanukah and Christmas, shouts out to Santa

Learning about many an induction protocol

But usually you can find me pushin’ Propofol

Wish y'all luck in all of your next rotations

May we all make it to our final destinations

Courtney, good luck with your job, and congratulations!

You’re gonna be a fine vet and help all your patients

Wherever life takes us, wishin’ all y'all the best

But til then, bundle up in your winter vest

Fractious old dog, give the bitch Midazolam

Yo I’m serious (Sirius) like Prisoner of Azkaban

Rounding with y’all, it really has been a thrill

But let me reverse this with some Flumazenil

It’s painful getting grilled on all things medical

Forget a pumpkin patch, I’ll take some Fentanyl

I know this is long, like a church sermon

But hope you have enjoyed it like tutoring Richard Sherman

Heart’s cutting out, I’ve got an arrhythmia

And the cure is petting Mr. Chuck and Zinnia

Namaste friends, that is word to India

Indy Ryder, a 6yo. castrated male Boxer

Presents for a mast cell tumor, oooh what a shocker

Bout to present the rest of the case right now

Like Rihanna, time for me to take a bow


Buffet Style

Carinne Ramirez, from Lincoln Memorial University, captured these beautiful photographs that she shared with us. 


The Valley in the Spring

Dinner, Buffet Style

Cliffs of Moher


Just An Island Bear

In all of her Newfoundland glory, Olive looks likes she was made for beach living. She lives in Grenada with her human, Ashley Bryant, who attends St. George's University. 






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Vet-Med United Day

On April 4th, 2018 a national movement known as #VetMedUnited took place and was recognized in various ways at local SAVMA chapters. The movement focuses on personal wellness, mental health and remembering victims of suicide in the veterinary field. Here are just some of the ways Colleges of Veterinary Medicine recognized this movement at their school.

University of Wisconsin strung a manner with words of encouragement for the students and faculty.

UC Davis held lunch talks about wellness after graduation, free food, and stood together.

St. George’s University made a banner where students wrote their “why” and “what makes you well” for all the students to see.

Purdue Vet Med stood together and signed a poster with their “why”.

University of Illinois did a “give a ribbon, take a ribbon” which students shared anxieties and a lunch lecture about wellness. They had a VIP faculty guest speaker who shared his personal stories about wellness and suicide.

Utah State University wore purple in support of the event and joined to show togetherness.

Atlantic Veterinary College wore ribbons to recognize this movement.

University of Tennessee had a poster board which provided a creative outlet and encouragement to students. They also provided ice cream sundaes!

Louisiana State University partnered with their wellness committee to host an outdoor picnic with games.

North Carolina State did wellness spotlights all over campus to promote wellness and share the may things they love.

St. Matthew’s University held a talk on the Secondary Traumatic Stress: Building Resilience and Finding Balance.

Ross University had a bulletins where students could share sticky notes with what keeps them well.

University of Georgia had a poster where student’s could share what makes them well.

Virginia-Maryland College of Vet Med had free coffee and doughnuts and a “take what you need, leave what you can” activity where students could support each other with sticky notes.

Washington State University's pressed their teal and purple-painted hands to a white banner

Michigan State University had events like tie-dye shirts, customizing your stethoscope, along with cool swag and talks featuring High Performance Vets.

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