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Environmental Awareness Grant

Environmental Awareness Grant
SAVMA's Public Health and Community Outreach Committee 

The Environmental Awareness Grant is a SAVMA sponsored grant that allows for current SAVMA members to reach out and initiate environmental projects, engage in research, or attend conservation related events/ meetings. This grant can be used to support topics such as: initiating recycling programs at your school, decreasing plastic waste in the veterinary community, support for conservation programs, travel grants for conservation projects local and abroad, and supporting research relating to veterinary conservation. 

A first place grant receives $1000 and two honorable mentions receive $500. Applications and Letter of Recommendation are due November 1, 2018! Check out the details here.

Email with any questions by using "Environmental Awareness Grant 2018" in the subject line.


AVMA Animal Welfare Assessment Contest

AVMA Animal Welfare Division

Test your animal welfare knowledge by competing in this year’s AWJAC at Colorado State University on November 16-18, 2018!

The AWJAC is a great place to analyze the welfare of various types of animals in different scenarios.  You will determine the welfare of animals in virtually developed and live scenarios and then present your decision orally to the judges.  The AWJAC is also a fun opportunity to meet and mingle with other animal welfare experts!

This year’s species include:
Dairy Goats
Green Iguanas
Egg Laying Ducks
Live Assessment: Polo Ponies

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER BY OCTOBER 15 Questions? Please contact Dr. Sharon Kuca at 847-285-6713 or We hope you can join us!


International Veterinary Experience Scholarship

As a dual DVM/MPH student, I have never had traditional goals. When people ask, usually in passing, what I want to do with that combination, there is no abrevieated way to explain One Health and the drivers of zoonotic disease transmission or my aspirations to conduct field research that propels policy and education initiatives that can improve the health of animals, humans and the environment. For me, the links between these fields have always seemed intuitive, so it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to answer “What did you do this summer?” with “Vaccinated chickens in Madagascar”. Oh, right, of course, naturally.
As a dual-degree student, I wanted to find a capstone project that combined veterinary medicine and public health in the same way that I hope to in my future career. I had known about a Harvard-based researcher that works in my niche of interest for several years and although I figured it was a longshot, I reached out and asked if he might have a spot for a veterinary student on his summer team. Much to my surprise, he enthusiastically agreed both to take me along, and to serve as the primary mentor for my capstone research project.
In Madagascar, many households rely on bushmeat as their primary source of protein. Previous research links decreased bushmeat consumption to increased anemia. However, reliance on bushmeat both increases the potential for zoonotic disease transmission and threatens the nation’s delicate ecosystems. After examining taboos and taste preferences, chicken was identified as a possible alternative protein source. However, Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV), an avian respiratory disease with an incredibly high mortality rate , is endemic to the island, making it difficult to raise chickens. As a response, the Madagascar Health and Environmental Research (MAHERY) program is now in the second year of a vaccine campaign to decrease the incidence of NDV and increase poultry production. Their hope is that increased access to a reliable protein source will decrease bushmeat consumption by Malagasy citizens, decrease zoonotic disease transmission, strengthen agriculture in the region, and protect precarious local ecosystems. In addition, chickens are typically the women’s property and asset, so this campaign also serves as a tool to empower Malagasay women.
 Receiving the International Veterinary Experience Scholarship has helped me pursue my non-traditional career goals and to have an experience that could never be created in a classroom. Communicating enough to navigate daily life in a foreign country is always a challenge, let alone conveying medical concepts that might not be common knowledge. Still, the local veterinarian spent hours answering my endless questions about veterinary medicine, agriculture and ecology in Madagascar. In a rural area like the one I was in, the close connections between humans, animals, and the environment are more evident than ever. The people depend on the forest for life and they often house their chickens in their own homes. For them, a flock of healthy chickens might be the make the difference between a stunted child and a healthy one.
Without the financial help of the IVEC scholarship and local grants, none of this would
have been possible and I am immensely grateful that funding opportunities like this exist. When
I think of the career I would like in the future, based around systems-thinking and creative
solutions that benefit multiple populations, I cannot think of a better way to prepare than to
jump right in. The experience that I had in Madagascar reinforces the value of personal
connections and of simply reaching out – stepping out of your comfort zone and asking to have
coffee or a conversation with a role model, or maybe even asking if they have a place on their
team, their answer might surprise you.
Check out the SAVMANews for currently open SAVMA scholarships and opportunities.




Conference Travel Grant

2017-2018 Conference Travel Grant
SAVMA's Education and Professional Development Committee 

Offering retrospective funding to veterinary students who attended any conference* from the dates of August 1st, 2017 to July 31st, 2018.

Attending a veterinary conference in a respective field of interest provides opportunities for students to network and learn about activities of professional veterinary organizations. Conferences also offer a variety of wet labs and CE sessions that students can attend. Therefore, the Education and Professional Development Committee has started a Conference Travel Grant opportunity to help offset the cost of attending any veterinary conference* from the dates of August 1st, 2017 to July 31st, 2018! Six awards will be given at $250 each and are available to any SAVMA member. Applications are due by Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 at 5 pm CT and can be found here!

*Please note, this application will NOT apply to SAVMA Symposium.


IVSA Symposium and Congress

IVSA Symposium and Congress Travel Grants
SAVMA's International Veterinary Experience Committee

IVEC is offering one travel grant valued at $2500 USD per event (a total of $5000) for a student to attend the 67th IVSASymposium in Seoul, South Korea on January 14-22, 2019 and the IVSA Congress in Croatia on July 21 - August 2, 2019

*IVSA - International Veterinary Students' Association

The position is open to all SAVMA members. In order to apply for this scholarship, you must have already applied to and have been accepted as a delegate to attend the 67th IVSA Symposium in South Korea*.

*Applications for the 67th IVSA Symposium Seoul, South Korea are OPEN until September 14th! Join us in Seoul January 14-22, 2019 with 150 veterinary student delegates from around the entire world for cultural immersion, discussion of hot topics within our field, and lots and lots of dancing. Applications are due (mind the time difference!), so apply now as an IVSA SAVMA delegate! Click here.

This is a fantastic opportunity to represent SAVMA and your veterinary school at an international event.  You will receive the opportunity to explore an international vet school, learn about international medicine, an experience some unique cultural events associated with the hosting country.  
Deadline for the travel grant application is September 20, 2018 and click HERE to apply! Remember you must have been accepted as an IVSA delegate first. The link is in the above section.

If you have any questions, please email or