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Time to take a Trip

Check out these beautiful photographs sent in by St. George's University veterinary student, Kari Schultz. Doesn't it just make you want to take a spring vacation.

Venice TranquilityPalma Fountains

Ireland Countryside


Volume 53 Issue 3 Now Open

Hello Vet Gazetters,

The winners for Volume 53 Issue 2 have been chosen! They will now begin to be featured in The Vet Gazette over the next couple months - look for yours! If you were not chosen you are more than welcome and encouraged to re-submit your wonderful submissions or new ones.

Volume 53 Issue 3 is now open and will close May 13th at 11:59 PM. Check out the "Call for Submissions" tab for more info on the many categories that contest has to offer and what you have to do to submit. Can't wait to see what you send in.

Your Editor in Chief



Meet the Executive Board

Meet your new SAVMA Executive Board officers

Starting from the top left and snaking down

International Exchange Officer-Elect: Perry Koehler (Cornell University)
Immediate Past President: Jeff Olivarez (Oklahoma State University)
Chapter President Representative: Aaron Judson (Tuskegee University)
Treasurer: Ashika Seshadri (St. George's University)
Veterinary Economics Officer-Elect: Katelyn Behm (Ross University)
Editor in Chief: Kyndel Lann (Midwestern University)
Secretary: Whitney Patz (Lincoln Memorial University)
Global and Public Health Officer-Elect: Sarah Marnin (Iowa State)
President-Elect: Kyre Larrabee (Oklahoma State University)
Global and Public Health Officer: Allison Siu (Auburn University)
Cultural Outreach Officer: Stephie-Anne Duliepre (Cornell University)
International Exchange Officer: Kayla Caturay (Ross University)
President: Sarah Neuser (University of Minnesota)
Veteriary Economics Officer: Taylor DeWitt (Purdue University)

Not pictured:

Communications and Public Health Officer: Abbey Sharp (University of Missouri)
Communications and Public Health Officer-Elect: Kimberly Koenig (Washington State)
Chapter President Representative-Elect: Jonathan Tubbs (Auburn University)


These students represent veterinary students on a national basis and are here to voice your thoughts and concerns. Please, reach out to your local SAVMA chapter officers for regular updates or concerns. Check your email for the monthly SAVMANews for all the available opportunites SAVMA has to offer you. 



AVMA Booth at SAVMA Symposium


Your SAVMA Editors visit the AVMA booth at SAVMA Symposium 2018 UPenn


The AVMA and SAVMA have a lot to offer students. Those at symposium make sure to visit their booth to learn more.

Those at home visit these sites to learn about the many opportunities for students by clicking on these links:

Benefits of SAVMA Membership

SAVMA Grants

Student Externship Locator

Veterinary Career Center

AVMA Externships

AVMA PLIT Student Benefits

American Veterinary Medical Foundation Student Benefits


IVSA Reps Meeting at SAVMA Symposium