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What do you get when you mix vet med with taxidermy?

There was once an aspiring veterinarian who put himself through veterinary school working nights as a taxidermist. Upon graduation, he decided he could combine his two vocations to better serve the needs of his patients and their owners, while doubling his practice and, therefore, his income. He opened his own office with a sign on the door saying, “Dr. Jones, Veterinary Medicine and Taxidermy. Either Way, You Get Your Dog Back!”


This hilarious submission was sent in by Heather Reist from Lincoln-Memorial University!


How are dogs and iPhones alike?

 A: They both have collar IDs!

Q: What is the name for a veterinarian who specializes in one species?
A: An M.D.!

Thanks to Lauren Engeman from Mizzou for these funny submissions!

Laughter is the best medicine...

Anika Farina, Tufts
Foot In Mouth Disease, Entry

"During the days I was studying for a round of tests, my grandmother, who is not technologically savvy by any means, decided she would use her cell phone. She texted me these jokes to cheer me up. She swears these jokes are her originals, but I also know she watches a lot of Ellen DeGeneres, and this first joke is definitely from Ellen." 

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Entry, Foot in Mouth
Stephanie Silberstang, Cornell


What does the nosey hot pepper like to do?

            Get jalapeno business.

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

            Nacho cheese.


Q: Why was Rowdy the beagle kicked out of the vet hospital?

Entry, Foot in Mouth Disease
Julia Drury, Cornell Univeristy

A: He would not stop barking and chasing the CAT scan machine