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Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Internship at the Mote Marine Laboratory

By: Madoka McAllister

Class of 2014, University of Illinois

In January 2010, I had the distinct pleasure of taking part in a marine animal rehabilitation internship at the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida.  I had had some previous rehabilitation experience but never with marine animals so it was a very new, exciting opportunity for me.  Although the Rehabilitation Hospital at Mote takes in sea turtles, dolphins and whales, our patients were exclusively sea turtles during my time there.  Having gone into the internship knowing little about sea turtles, I was amazed to discover how intelligent and graceful they are.  Many had distinct personalities and over the duration of my internship, I became very fond of them.  

Florida experienced a sudden cold snap this past winter, with water temperatures dropping 5-8 degrees below average, resulting in the second coldest winter on record in many areas.  Most wildlife and plant life was severely impacted, including thousands of sea turtles that were cold-stunned as a result of the unusual weather.  Cold-stunned turtles are extremely weak and were unable to swim properly, often floating at the ocean's surface or washing up on shore.  I arrived at the Mote just in time to help out with the inflow of cold-stunned sea turtles. 

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Hermit Crab Papers

By: Alicia Agnew

Class of 2013, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

Working at a small animal clinic, a client came in with an unusual request; “May I have international health papers for my hermit crab?”  The attending veterinarian then went through a checklist, “Have you seen any sneezing?  Any coughing?  Any signs of infectious disease?......”


Phoenix and Lancelot

By: Rebecca Adkins

Class of 2014, University of Georgia

"Phoenix" Charcoal drawing

"Lancelot" Charcoal drawing


Costa Rica: It’s more than just the Rain Forest

By: Lana Chumney

Class of 2011, Texas A&M University

During the Christmas break of my first year of vet school, I traveled to Costa Rica for an International Veterinary / Animal Science program. Our group consisted of twelve veterinary students from Texas A&M and the Ohio State University. Proyecto Asis is a wildlife refuge located in Ciudad Quesada. For two weeks we stayed with host families, most of whom spoke only Spanish. While I am not fluent in Spanish, my vocabulary improved substantially even in two weeks of being immersed in the language.

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By: Rachael Davis

Class of 2013, Oklahoma State University


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