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SAVMA Symposium Registration Starts Soon!

Starting November 15th students can begin to register for the upcoming Student AVMA Symposium. This year the Symposium will take place at UC Davis from March 24-26. What better way to spend your spring break than in California at my alma mater? In other words, do it! If you haven't been to Symposium before, talk to other students who have to find out how much fun it can be. Lectures and wetlabs will keep you up to date on important information while the day trips, evening activities and competitions will keep you up to date on how to not be a stressed out vet student!

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The Toilet Blog

By: Joy Fuhrman

Class of 2012, Colorado State University 

In 2006, my husband Greg and I were fortunate to do some international travelling.  To keep our family and friends up to date with our experiences, we set up a website to which we posted pictures and wrote blogs.  This blog, written while we were in Europe, is as much fun to read as it was to write.  Hope you enjoy!

This morning I asked Greg if it would be totally inappropriate for me to post a blog discussing the European toilets.  There, I said it!  TOILET!!!  Not bathroom or restroom or powder room.  Toilet! Aseos, toilettes, servizi or simply, WC.  For those of you who disapprove of this dirty subject, please forgive me, but my own curiosity (not to mention that of many I know) has compelled me to write this analysis of the good, the bad and the ugly that Europe has to offer.

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Veterinary Science in Tamil Nadu, India

By: Jennifer Eberly

Class of 2012, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

I am a third year food animal veterinary student at Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, and this summer I had the opportunity to spend 6 weeks in India on an infectious diseases externship. It was a wonderful, eye-opening  (and sweltering!) experience, and I could not begin to detail all of my experiences in one short entry. I would just like to describe two of my experiences however, one negative and one positive, because I feel they typify the best and worst of my experience with veterinary science in India.

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Jax and Hud

By: Cheryl Kolus

Class of 2012, Colorado State University

They look like they're having the time of their lives! Don't forget to take your dogs out for a romp today.


Africa and Honduras, all in one Summer

By: Tamaya Trejo

Colorado State University

As a student you tend to forget that there is a world outside of veterinary school. In the summer of 2010, I took two trips to Zambia, Africa and Agalta Valley, Honduras through Christian Veterinary Missions. We spayed/neutered dogs and cats, castrated horses, consulted farmers on the most prevalent diseases in their herds, gave small animal rabies vaccinations, and dewormed both small and large animals. These trips were some of the best professionally relevant experiences of my life.

My travels overseas helped me understand the leadership role of a veterinarian in a foreign country. The veterinarian leading the team needs to be a great communicator. The Africa trip consisted of 6 people while the Honduras trip consisted of 14 people. Since we came from all over the states, the first time we saw each other was at the airport. All of our communication was conducted over emails and telephone. We had local contacts in both Africa and Honduras that organized our transportation, meals, and translation needs. Our team leader was in communication with the local contact before the trip which helped us prepare for the animal issues we took care of, and also helped us get an idea of what supplies to bring in our suitcases.

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