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The Slow Loris

By: Kat Asbury

University of Illinois, Class of 2011

“I’ve never heard of a slow loris carrying rabies,” we heard David Attenborough announce at the far end of the dinner table.  My friend Tash and I exchanged a look.  Finally the conversation at his end of the long table had turned to us.  Sir David hadn’t paid the slightest bit of attention to the volunteers at our camp in the Borneo forest until that moment, despite having spent several days around us, filming the orangutans for which our camp was famous.  We were now sitting at a table with him and our camp director, because Tash had gotten bitten by one of those slow lorises (which can be fast in certain circumstances).  We needed permission to decamp to a Singapore hospital, where hopefully there would be some rabies vaccine waiting for us.

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Animal Welfare Human Animal Bond Committee Grant

Know of a deserving club or an event coming up soon that could use some extra funds? The Animal Welfare Human-Animal Bond committee will award grants to organizations or programs that benefit animal welfare and the human animal bond along with demonstrating financial need. Up to $2500 is available which will be distributed based on need and request. Please contact your SAVMA delegate for the application form and e-mail it to Caitlin LeClair by March 15, 2011. Members of the Animal Welfare Human-Animal Bond committee will be reviewing the submissions at SAVMA Symposium 2011 and will select winners at that time. Please feel free to contact Caitlin LeClair if you have any questions.


Integrated Communication and Diversity Committee Grant

The new SAVMA Integrated Communication and Diversity Committee is happy to announce their new spring grant. The goal is to enhance communication between SCAVMA, SAVMA and the AVMA while enhancing diversity awareness through promoting community activities and opportunities. A total of four grants will be awarded to clubs or individuals. Grants will be given to deserving individuals or groups who host a diversity based activity with a larger communication component for the public. A 300-500 word essay briefly describing the activity and how communication occurred. Successful examples will be published in the Vet Gazette. In order to qualify for the grant, no fundraising component can come from the activity, and any notes, posters, or pamphlets given at the event must accompany the write up. Write-ups are due March 16, 2011, 7 days prior-to SAVMA Symposium in the spring. They can be sent to Chad Clancy at
Note: Diversity is NOT limited to multicultural diversity and write-ups focusing on diversity within the veterinary field will be accepted.
Examples: Pathologist outreach activities, exotic pet 101 petcare events, public health lectures with brochures, international “vets without boarders” talks and opportunities, welfare workshops or volunteer based projects, shelter medicine outreach events, opportunities for exploring diversity within the veterinary medical world are endless!

6 Ways to Beat Finals and Holiday Stress on a Budget

By: Brittany Wojcicki

University of Illinois, Class of 2014

(Editor's note: Again, I know this is a little late, but it's a pretty good one. And besides, why should we not bake cookies and give each gifts year round?)

1. Eat the cookies that your friends and family give you during exams…you’ll need a glucose surge when you can’t remember the glycolysis pathway.

2. Regifting saves both time and money! If you can radiograph the present before opening, then you save wrapping too!

3. Buying gifts online can save time, but shipping can cost a bundle! Using gifts from your pantry saves time and money if you can whip up a fruit basket or cheese and cracker basket before it goes bad. Deliver before expiration date.

4. Christmas caroling doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Change your voicemail to you and your dog singing “Silent Night” and you’ll carol to all your family and friends you ignore while you’re at the library.

5. Who has time to comb out the cat and your hair during finals to take Christmas card pictures? Facebook or twitter is bound to have one decent picture before you’ve gained finals/holiday weight. If not, still hasn’t gotten old.

6. By now you’ve taken at least one of these tips to heart and won’t read past 5 anyways. Happy Holidays and good luck on finals!


Ready for Anesthesia

By: Melissa Baker

Ross University, Class of 2012

If only they could come to school and make all those dots for you!