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EPDC Study Package Scholarship Winner

Jenessa Grau - Iowa State

Success in this profession arises from the thirst for knowledge.  It is important to learn rather than memorize, accomplish rather than procrastinate, and experience rather than observe.  Standing apart from the elite requires involvement in extracurricular activities, experiences outside of class, and as always, academics.  With such a long list of requirements, it is easy to lose track of the most important key to success: personal fulfillment. 

The most valuable thing I learned throughout my veterinary career is the stress of classes, working, finances, and the never-ending exam schedule can easily overwhelm the strongest individuals.  It is imperative to take a step back and do at least one thing for yourself every day.  Since mental health is just as important as physical health, reading a chapter from your favorite book, going on a date, or movie night with the girls can allow for a much needed break from studying. 

The bottom line is this curriculum is very stressful.  Everyone is so busy obsessing over grades, class rank, and getting an “A” on the anatomy exam that they forget to enjoy school.  I have experienced this first hand, because I was one of these students.  It took me three years to realize I am much happier when I take time out of my busy schedule to join the co-ed softball team or participate in club events.  I wish someone had convinced me of this from the start.

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