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EPDC Study Package Scholarship Winner

Devon Duffy - Auburn

Professional development for many people in the veterinary medicine field starts when they are very young. I believe this because most people knew they wanted to be a veterinarian at a young age. Even though this development started way before a person’s enrollment in veterinary school, I have a few suggestions to an incoming student that I feel would help them in the future.

I would suggest making friends and starting a study group. You are able to divide up work, talk over important ideas, and help each other understand complicated concepts. Help those who need it and ask for help when you need it. There is no sense in falling behind because of your pride. If you are accepted into veterinary school, it is everyone’s goal for you to succeed!

During your breaks, find jobs related to veterinary medicine. You not only gain money, you gain experience. Volunteer at places when you don’t work. The more you work and volunteer, the more experience you will have, the more connections you will have, the more job opportunities you will have after you graduate.

Most importantly, buy a lottery ticket every once in a while and hope for the best. Study hard but remember the important things in life such as friends and family and never study so hard you neglect them. They are your rock, your biggest supporters, and they are the reason you are here. Your veterinary career is what you make of it, good luck!

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