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Tree of Life

Alexis Pennings - VA-MD

Creative Corner

"Tree of Life"

"Howler Monkey Baby"


An ADR Parakeet

Alexis Pennings, Virginia-Maryland

Experiences, Entry

I was the only person working in the clinic that afternoon, and I happened to leave lunch early to return to work. I had much to accomplish, and little time to do it, because it was my day to work in the petting pen. It was fortuitous that I did leave early, because I found a small post-it note on the door to the clinic. Written on the note were the words "Parakeet on counter not doing well. Found laying on side." I popped into the clinic and went back to the counter where a carrier was placed. Inside of it was a little budgerigar who was pale yellow and green. He was laying on his side, not a good sign, and barely responded as I stuck my hand in the crate to retrieve him. He didn't even make a peep, and I could tell he was feeling quite rotten. Upon picking up his light body, I could feel the keel bone sticking out prominently; he was extremely thin. His eyes were half-closed and he lie limp in my arms.

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Heart Art

Laurel Eckstrand - Virginia-Maryland

Creative Corner - Winner


We thought this was so brilliant that we had to share how "Frailty" was made from the creator:

"... it's a photograph I took of a plastinated horse heart from anatomy lab. Then I used a cartoon representation of the electrical current's course through the heart... I used a combination of photoshop brushes and layering techniques to make the heart look as if it is formed of smoke." 




The Dog Who Did not Want a Bath

Alex King, Virginia-Maryland

Creative Corner, Entry


I needed no alarm clock or siren or bell

For I was awakened by a foul doggie smell

A wet nose in the morning is a pleasant enough thing

But not if your pup has just rolled in something


Some dogs take to water as a rule

But to mine you cannot be more cruel

Than to get her cold or make her wet

She’d rather endure a trip to the vet


Some might avoid the washing chore

And let her smell for a month or more

But on this truth we must conclude

that to stink and smell too much is rude


She ran, she hid, she barked and fled

I chased her round til my face turned red

I caught her, held her, sprayed the hose

She rolled and squirmed and clawed my nose


Battered and bruised, wet and dripping

She kept up the fight, yelping and kicking


At last it was over, my task was complete

My clothes were all soaked from my head to my feet

And why, you may ask, do I still love this cur?

She’s finally clean but I’m now covered in fur


And when I can take no more of it

To anger I could never commit

For one who can fetch and stay and sit

Filled with joy, and life, and wit

But maybe I spoke too soon a bit...

NO LILLIE! Please don’t roll in that poop!


Adventures through the Anatomy Jungle

Entry, Creative Corner
Sarah Bye & Laura Whitelaw, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine


First year explorers assemble,

Scalpels and forceps in hand

Fearing the worst, we tremble

In the jungle of Anatomy land.


Embarking upon our expedition

The atlas ahead towards the dens,

On our way to becoming clinicians,

We travel with our new friends.


Machetes sculpting a trail

Through muscle, tendon and limb.

Uncharted territory, we unveil,

Where nerves and blood vessels swim


Splenius, scalenus, trapezius, “oh, my!”

New muscles feed curiosity.

Descending pecs and lattissimus dorsi.

Insertion at which tuberosity?


Paddling down the vertebral canal,

And along the spinal cord,

It’s all we can do to keep up morale,

Through foramen unexplored.


Drifting ahead to the thorax,

Lumbar region and beyond,

We stumble upon the Lorax,

And ask him to respond.


“How will we pay off our loans?

It seems like a surmountable hurdle.

And master each of the bones,

From the thoracic to pectoral girdle?”


“Dorsal, ventral, cranial, caudal

Forget your mountain of debt

Learn directions on the skeleton model

And you will become a vet.”


In four short years, the dense forest clears

Revealing new responsibility,

We begin our hard-earned veterinary careers

In a world of possibility.