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Thailand Inspiration

Jessica Schuster - Ohio State

V:50 I:4 Experiences


      Five years ago I went through an unexpected and life-changing event that nearly cost me my life, and since that day I have achieved goals beyond which I ever thought I could. I went to college to become a veterinary technician and follow my dream to one day become a veterinarian, I traveled with every chance I had to places all around the world, and took hold of all the opportunities I could. I’ve been snorkeling in the Caribbean, horseback riding through the jungle, and swam with dolphins. I’ve scaled the Mayan Ruins, gone cave tubing, and witnessed rare and exotic creatures. I’ve had more amazing experiences than I could ever tell you in one paper, all because I made one simple promise to myself when this all began five years ago - to never let any opportunity slip through my fingers that I would later regret, because I see everyday as a chance to become more than I was yesterday. And everyday to me, especially after nearly losing all of my chances, is another possibility to live life to its fullest.

            Little did I know, that dream I had since I could remember – the dream to one day become a veterinarian – would indeed one day become more of a prospect than a figment of my imagination. Almost exactly two years ago today, I walked through the doors of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, the most nervous I’d ever been in all my life, to present myself as a potential future colleague. Also little did I know that one of my first professors at this college would later become more of a friend and a mentor, who I would travel with all the way on the other side of the world, to offer me more once-in-a-lifetime experiences. So now this brings me to my most recent journey, one of many more I hope, that has offered me so much more than I ever imagined possible – my trip to Thailand.

            It’s not easy to limit a voyage such as this one to a single paper, as I’m sure I could write a whole novel on the experience, but as I ponder this I realize that our journey together could simply be described by three words: Acceptance, Compassion, Inspiration.

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The Bond

Jill Dentel - Ohio State


This is me and my Wolfdog Aurora. She was a rescue I took in last summer. She had lived on a chain her whole life, was suffering from starvation, being beaten, fleas, and ticks. When I brought her home she weighed 41lbs and today she weighs 63 lbs. When I first got her no one could touch her. She was just too afraid. 8 months later, lots of good food, and proper veterinary care she is a gorgeous girl. Her past has left her terrified of people, but she has found it in her heart to trust me. This is a picture of us together. I don't know if she will ever let anyone else touch her or if she can trust another person, but no matter what she is my girl and will always have a home with me.


Dr. Kearns & Merck

Melissa Sigg - Ohio State

V:50 I:4 Creative Corner Honorable Mention


Dr. Kearns with 'Merck'



A Fluffy Present  







Cows in a Pasture

Amy Pajcic, The Ohio State University

Creative Corner, Entry

Acrylic painting on an 11"X 28" regular canvas


"Elli" and "Puppy Eyes"

Kristina Solch, The Ohio State University

Creative Corner, Entries

  Puppy EyesElli