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India Travels

By: Carrie Wang

Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2012

Here are some photos from Carrie's trip with classmates to India for a 6 week Infectious Disease Externship. What better way to subsidize your travel than by making it a study experience?


Lessons for Life

By: Tiffany Beck

Mississippi State University, Class of 2013

I stood off to the side, feeling very out-of-place.  I wished I could melt into the floor, or at least surreptitiously run out the door and vanish for a couple hours.  The still form of a dog lay on the radiography table, surrounded by the almost equally still forms of the technicians and doctors.  After a sudden illness and a frustrating diagnosis, this pet had finally lost the fight.  I can still see as clear as day in my mind's eye the doctor who had worked the case, my internship mentor, leaning against the wall, his eyes bright with tears, frustration hardening the lines of his face.  He had just lost a patient...and he did not know why.

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The Voice of a Mother

By: Matthew L. Inniss

Louisiana State University, Class of 2014


Each story starts with a chuckle, to which we reply " Here we go again."

The characters, family members, whose names leave the tongue in a stream of remembrance. 

Distinct stories to each one belongs, as she does the family tree shuffle.

The stories undocumented, but saved for all time.

In her head for safe keeping, each family member on a shelf.

We love our Dear more than anyone could understand.

For we know her story book has opened when she starts with her line of laughter.



Jane Austen and General Pathology

By: Joelle Glenn

University of Florida, Class of 2013

It all began late one night, while  studying intensively (aka “cramming”) for a general pathology exam, by the application of a quote from one of Jane Austen’s novels, “Pride and Prejudice”, that helped to lighten the work of studying, and was posted on the Facebook profile of a Veterinary Student*:

‎"I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book! When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library." - I honestly don't know if Jane Austen ever picked up a Gen Path book

Fyi…the textbook in question weighs about 12 pounds and is four inches thick!

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Vet2011: Ring in the New Year by Celebrating your Profession!

By: Stephanie Silberstang

Cornell University, Class of 2013

The 250th anniversary of the veterinary education, profession, and comparative pathobiology will benext year in 2011. To celebrate World Veterinary Year, which is the purpose of Vet2011, veterinary institutions around the world will be holding events to promote the veterinary profession. The Vet2011 National Committee has proposed that all participating nations promote awareness of the profession and its many facets at the institutions’ annual event.

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