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Colors of Peru

We start Volume 52 Issue 4 of the Vet Gazette with these beautiful photographs from Taylor Owens from Texas A&M. 


While walking around in the town square of Cusco, I stumbled upon a few Peruvian ladies in traditional Peruvian dress with some lambs, an alpaca, and this adorable baby goat, who were all wearing knitted hats. Being a goat lover, I had to take a picture of this kid in a tiny knitted hat! The kid seemed to almost smile for my photo! I LOVED all of the vibrant textiles that I saw in Peru! The Peruvian women hand weave textiles and then make clothes, blankets, pillowcases, bags, you name it, out of them. Seeing those vibrant colors everywhere just made me happy! There were llamas free roaming around the historic Machu Picchu site, and it was wonderful to capture this llama grazing right in front of the classic Machu Picchu view!
One Happy KidColors of Peru



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