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All Kinds of Updates!

Well, the Student AVMA House of Delegates meeting at AVMA Convention in Atlanta went very well and the dust is finally settling from my trip. Unpacking and laundry can really take some effort!

I wanted to let you all know about the millions of updates I've made to the site. You'll find the most exciting update on the "upcoming topics" page. The prize money available for your submissions has increased dramatically. In most of the categories you could win $100 for having a best submission, the school with the most submissions will win $250 for their SCAVMA chapter, and the best overall submission will receive $150. By shifting money around in The Vet Gazette budget, I was able to increase the prize money by quite a bit, with $1250 available for winning with each issue!

Other important updates can be found to your right. I've added a ton of useful links for all kinds of interests. There is a new AVMA database of wildlife, conservation and zoo opportunities (great for 4th year rotations or next summer's experiences.) If you're looking for other opportunities, in the US or abroad, there are links on the right for those as well. A group of the links will get you to the many SAVMA and AVMA Facebook groups so you can stay connected in your news feed. The One Health Challenge this year is Obesity Awareness, and next year will be Vector Borne Diseases. Check out that link to find out how you can get involved with your community or to start an event of your own.

Spread the word about The Vet Gazette, send in your submissions, check out the links, and let me know what you think!