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Honduras Trip

By: Kimby Lo

UC Davis, Class of 2012

Last June I embarked on a 10-day trip to Honduras with a missionary organization called VetMerge.  The town of La Villa de San Antonio was small, and definitely a place of great need.  The closest veterinarian lives about 15 miles away in a city called Comayagua.  Although this doesn’t sound too far, it is an unrealistic option for many, and most families can not afford trips to the vet.  The trip was a mix of many animals.  We made numerous ranch calls to deworm and give selenium injections to sheep, goats, and cattle.  A lot of the farmers we met encountered many of the same issues with their livestock, including abortions, retained placentas, decreased milk production, and mastitis.  On one of the last days, we held an educational seminar for them addressing these issues and ways to prevent them. 

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