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Emerging Issues Committee Newsletter


Emerging Veterinary & Animal Health Issues

August 2010



 Study links evolution with increased risk of rabies infection in bats Live Sciences

 Pet foods can put people at risk for Salmonella Associated Press

Mandatory ID for livestock being discussed by USDA The Billings Gazette

The food of love now (ironically) threatened by herpes in Europe National Geographic

Equine Infectious Anemia found in Missouri Horse Kansas City Infozine

Congressman seeks to make 2011 World Veterinary Year Oregon Live

Gulf oil Spill could still threaten millions of migratory birds National Geographic

Senate to consider food safety bill by end of year ABC News

British pet owners abandon pet insurance over rising premiums The Daily Mail (London)


Humor in Medicine

Wildlife cleaning volunteer stuck with the gulls again The Onion



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Emerging Issues Committee April Newsletter

Here are some interesting links complied by the members of your Emerging Issues Committee. They work hard to find relevant topics that may not be included in your standard curriculum, so check it out! Some topics this time include bedbugs (ick!), colorectal cancer (even more ick!) and Salmonella contamination. Ok, I'm thoroughly grossed out! Time to get informed:


1. A New Breed of Guard Dog Attacks Bedbugs New York Times

2. Meat And Colorectal Cancer Risk: Scientists Suggest Potential Mechanisms Medical News Today

3. Salmonella In HVP Additive Prompts Potentially Massive Processed Food Recall Medical News Today

4. Researchers Report Progress on E. coli Test New York Times

5. Wildlife Serves As Indicator Of Potential Health Threats Medical News Today

6. Article misses an important pollutant from chicken farms. Environmental Health News

7. Equine dentistry bill gains Oklahoma House approval NewsOK

8. Folk Medicine Poses Global Health Threat to Primate Species BBC

9. AVMA Briefs Congress on Importance of Antibiotics Medical News Today

10. Don’t Buy Live Easter Season Animals, Health Official Says Los Angeles Daily News