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My trip to Hoopa

By: Kate Parent

University of Illinois, Class of 2011

Last summer, Kate participated in a RAVS trip where she got some great new experiences, but she also earned herself some cash to help with the costs by applying for the SAVMA Native American Project externship stipend. To learn more about the stipend, visit the committee's site on the SAVMA Website at:

Over spring break during my second year, I decided to live a little and go on a RAVS trip. It was a fabulous experience – during no other week of my life did I sleep so little or learn so much.

            My trip was to serve the Hupa people of the Hoopa Valley Tribe living in northwestern California. According to Hupa tradition, these people have been living in the Hoopa Valley for 4,000 years. Based on my readings before the trip, I hoped to see beautifully twined baskets made by the women, homes built of cedar slabs set on end, and yew bows strengthened with sinew fastened to the back with sturgeon glue. However, I did not get to explore the culture and crafts of the Hupa people during my stay there, mostly due to the duties we had at the RAVS shed that kept us busy from 6 am to 11 or 12 every night, but I did meet some wonderful people that were grateful for the service we were providing for their animals.

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Clubbing of the Villi (a tribute to Lady Gaga and Johne's)

By: Katie Spillane

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2012



AVMA Launches New Resources to Help Veterinarians and Veterinary Students Find Unique Opportunities

AVMA Veterinary Career Center

The Student Externship Locator ( is designed to help veterinary students find externships.  This database allows students to view externships by state, special interest, or see what schools and organizations have to offer.  In addition, State Veterinary Association’s "Find a Vet" pages have been included in this site to enable viewers the option of searching by certain areas and then contacting those in the results directly to see if they offer externships.  If you have any questions, comments, or would like to submit an externship for inclusion, please contact Dr. Pat Wohlferth-Bethke at

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Escape Artist

By: Krista Morrow

Washington State University, Class of 2013

Being accepted to veterinary school is a big deal. When I found out I got in, I was bursting with pride, but attempted to remain decently humble at the same time. I was content to let others do the bragging for me. The veterinarians I worked for at the time were more than happy to do so, and often would call me into exam rooms on odd cases. They would let me do an exam myself, informing their clients that I had been accepted into veterinary school, and that they wanted me to see everything I could before I left. What often followed was an exclamation from the client of “That is wonderful! You must be very smart!” It was a bit embarrassing, but I won’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

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Mouse in Hand

By: Michelle Pesce

Cornell University, Class of 2012

Pencil (?) drawing