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Introducing Your SCAVMA Secretary Elect: Chad Clancy 

Name, Position on EB: Chad Clancy Secretary Elect
School and Year: 3rd year at Iowa State University
Hometown: Spencer, Iowa
 Your area of interest within veterinary medicine: Production Animal Medicine and Pathology
 A goal that you have for your year in that office elect position: Get to know the entire HOD, hopefully enhance communication between delegates and make the HOD a great place to interact with other vet students.
 Your favorite SCAVMA related experience thus far (EB or not): VLE without a doubt. Getting to know so many awesome individuals! I still talk to group members, hang out with them at national meetings and have even had the opportunity to see some outside of SCAVMA events. There are so many awesome vet students across the US and I wish everyone had the opportunity to really connect to others across the US. 
Something fun about yourself:  I have a 2 year old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, named Griffon. We are opposites in almost every way, but I still love him... most days. I like singer/songwriter music, but I grew up on country. I might like Taylor Swift a little too much, but only her country songs. The oddest pets I've ever had were Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. I plan on owning a miniature cattle farm when I actually grow up. Not because their meat cuts are more proportional to what we should eat in our diets, but because if I go riding in their pasture I'll feel like a giant. 

Introducing Your SCAVMA Information Technology Officer Elect: Taylor Simon

Name, Position on EB:  Taylor Simon, Information and Technology Officer Elect

School and Year: Louisiana State University class of 2013

Hometown: Erath, LA

 Your area of interest within veterinary medicine:  Equine Medicine

Description of what your office entails: My office entails keeping inventory, managing and upgrading SAVMA’s hardware and software (keeping track of all the high tech gizmos).  Working in coordination with staff at the AVMA head quarters to update the SAVMA web site. To take photographs at the House of Delegates meetings, sharing the efforts made with the rest of our members.

 A goal that you have for your year in that office elect position:  To continue the great work done by my predecessors.  I will maintain and organize the equipment that helps the SAVMA House of Delegates run smoothly.  Also, I will work to spread the word of what SAVMA does for it’s members and the importance of involvement in organized veterinary medicine. 

 Your favorite SCAVMA related experience thus far (EB or not):  I’ve loved meeting new people and making connections.  Being a SAVMA delegate has been a great opportunity to travel and experience new places and the people who make them special.  The best trip I was lucky enough to go on was the IVSA Symposium in Slovenia.  This was a meeting of international students from across the globe.  It was a truly amazing once in a lifetime opportunity.

Something fun about yourself:   I enjoy running, reading, and painting as an escape from the rigors of vet school.  My bucket list includes traveling to every continent, skydiving, bungee jumping, and the recently crossed off bull riding.


Introducing your SAVMA Global and Public Health Officer Elect: Andrew Stas

Name, Position on EB:   Andrew Stas, Global Public Health Officer-Elect

School and Year:  2nd Year, 2013 at the University of Pennsylvania

Hometown: Latrobe, PA

Your area of interest within veterinary medicine: Food/Large Animal Medicine

Description of what your office entails: The Global and Public Health Officer position entails acting as a resource to all delegates and students undertaking the OneHealth Challenge. We help to facilitate awareness of the Vector-Borne Illness theme and provide the schools with the necessary knowledge and ideas to accomplish the task. As well as serving as a resource to all SAVMA public health activities and any members interested in important aspects of public health in our profession.

Your favorite thing about holding that office: The best thing about this office is having the privilege of working with all the wonderful other members of the executive board and serving to aid all members of SAVMA.

Something exciting that your office is doing/has done for vet students this past year: This year will be the start of a new One Health Challenge, Vector Borne Diseases! This is a new and wonderful challenge with a huge opportunity to get awareness out about severe public health risks that many of these vector borne diseases pose.

Your favorite SCAVMA related experience thus far (EB or not): My most memorable and favorite time involved with SAVMA would have to be AVMA Convention last year in Atlanta. It was my first time at convention as a Junior Delegate and it was one of hte best and most enjoyable weekends that I have experienced while in vet school. If you have not been able to attend AVMA Convention or SAVMA Symposium as a student, I strongly encorage that you make it before you graduate!

Something fun about yourself: One of my secret food indulgences is Stugelina (otherwise known as Pigs Feet) but only if my grandmother makes it. I enjoy nothing more than hunting, fishing and anything that gets me out of civilization and into nature. I am sometimes too competitive for my own good (maybe that has something to do with my 3 brothers and 39 first cousins I grew up with). I don't mind the smell of most manures and sometimes I get caught talking to cows, but let's  be real, any good vet student talks to animals like a crazy person.



Introducing your SAVMA Information Technology Officer Jessica Trichel 

Name/Position on EB: Jessica Trichel, Information Technology Officer
School and Year: Louisiana State University, Class of 2012
Hometown: West Monroe, LA
Your area of interest within veterinary medicine: Equine Medicine & Surgery
Description of what your office entails: Making the HOD look good! I take pictures, update the website, and keep track and maintain SAVMA equipment.
Your favorite thing about holding that office: I love that I have been able to stay involved with SAVMA and seeing the amazing changes and ideas from students that are making a difference in the veterinary profession.
Something exciting that you office is doing/has done for vet students this past year: We gave a makeover to the SAVMA page on the AVMA website and getting some fun pictures up on facebook of students at symposium and convention.
Your favorite SCAVMA related experience thus far (EB or not): Wow I can't pick just one! There have been so many wonderful memoreis from Kickball tournaments, tons of great mixers, vaccine days, open house, and just wonderful times with friends and classmates.
Something fun about yourself: My relief from school is doing creative things like drawing or graphic designs. I have always used art as my left brain outlet.

Introducing your SAVMA International Exchange Officer Rayne Johnson

Name, Position on EB: Rayne Johnson, International Exchange Office

School and Year: Purdue University, 4th year, expected graduation May 2012

Hometown: Raleigh, NC and Silverthorne, CO

Your area of interest within veterinary medicine: Infectious disease, environmental sustainability, public health, wildlife conservation

Description of office entails: The IEO serves as a link between veterinary students from US schools and veterinary students from international faculties. Additional duties include attendance at both the IVSA Summer Congress and the IVSA Winter Symposium as the official SAVMA representative, serving as a voting member of the SAVMA Executive Board and a non-voting member of the HOD, facilitation of international individual and group exchanges, and assist coordination of the silent auction for the IVSA Development Fund that occurs during SAVMA Symposium.

Your favorite thing about holding that office: Gaining a better understanding of and appreciation for veterinary medicine on a global level and enabling other veterinary students to broaden their horizons.

 Something exciting that your office has done/is doing for veterinary students this past year:  The IEO works closely with IVEC, a committee of the HOD, which supplies monetary support for SAVMA members to travel abroad in order to participate in veterinary related activities. Assist students from international veterinary faculties to find veterinary related opportunities within the US and students from the US to find the same abroad.

Your favorite  SCAVMA related experience (EB or not): SAVMA Symposium. It’s such a unique and invigorating experience to be among so many veterinary students and I’m very proud that Purdue University will serve as the host for SAVMA Symposium 2012.

 Something fun about yourself: Any break from school that’s longer than a weekend will usually find me in my car with the windows rolled down or on a plane crossing over some ocean looking for a little adventure. I love the road and have a passion for visiting US National Parks. But when I’m not traveling, I nurture my collection of plants (all non-toxic!) and knit. My dog and cat (Clover and Riboflavin) are part of my daily life and all three of us enjoy taking walks outside.