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Snow Cat

Anna-Marie Struble from Michigan State University sent in her cuties Leif, Bella, and Tomas. What a fun bunch to spend your days with. Especially, with this hot summer; I would love to be at the beach with this crew. 

Hi, there! My name's Leif and I love adventuring with my mom and dad. As a husky, I think summer gets too warm in Michigan so I like to cool down in the water. Mom likes that it kind of counts as a bath. The only bad thing about a lake as great as Lake Michigan is that the waves get water into my ears... and that's scary!







I'm Leif the husky mix and this is my BFF Bella, the pit mix. Bella is really brave about fetching sticks in the waves of Lake Michigan so I let her bring them closer to shore so I can steal them. This game is so fun!







What a nice day, huh? My name is Tomas. Mom's friends think I'm a dog in disguise, but I'm just a 16lb DSH that loves long walks at the state park and stealing oranges.

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