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Days at the Barn

Good old days at the barn

by  Carinne Ramirez

Lincoln Memorial University, CVM

by In my undergraduate, I was a resident for both the UC Davis feedlot and beef barn.  I learned a tremendous amount about beef cattle and daily life on a feedlot as well as a ranch.  I grew an even deeper passion for cattle and the fun personalities they have.


One of the funniest experiences I had (aside from the time I squatted down to pick up a hay bail and split my pants in front of a bunch of students...) was when my roommate, Kelly, and I were moving cattle in the rain.  It had been raining for several days and some of the pens were flooded. When Kelly walked in one of the pens, she sank into a giant sink hole...Yes, it was full of cow poop. So she got into the shower will her muck boots, coveralls and hat!  


I could tell many more stories, but I sure miss the good old days at the barn



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