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Wellness Support Fund

Wellness Support Fund
SAVMA's Wellness Committee

The SAVMA Wellness Committee is offering funding to veterinary students and veterinary school organizations that wish to promote physical, mental, and emotional health at their college of veterinary medicine.

In light of the growing body of evidence indicating high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression in the veterinary profession, the committee recognizes that there is a considerable need to transform the culture of veterinary schools into one that is safe, promotes self-awareness, and encourages healthy living habits.  The SAVMA will award up to $2,500.00USD each cycle to student applicants demonstrating the need for assistance with a project, lecture, or event(s) that will foster physical or mental wellness in their respective college, on an as needed basis.

Apply here today! Must be a SAVMA member to apply. The committee will accept applications until December 31, 2018 Applicants may apply either to be reimbursed for a project retroactively or proactively. Fill out completed application form and send additional required materials (receipts, itineraries, etc.) to

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