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Communicating Diversity within Veterinary Medicine Grant

Communicating Diversity within Veterinary Medicine Grant
SAVMA's Integrative Communications and Diversity Committee

Are you passionate about creating a more culturally intelligent veterinary profession? The goal of this $250-$500 grant is to encourage veterinary students to engage in dialogue about diversity and inclusion among all members of their school and beyond through various activities and programs. Up to five grants will be awarded to deserving individuals or groups who host a diversity-based activity that facilitates conversation and awareness about diversity and inclusion in veterinary medicine. To apply, please write a 300-­500 word essay briefly describing the activity, how dialogue was encouraged, and the projected impact and continuity of the event. In order to qualify for the grant, no fundraising component can come from the activity. If possible, please include any photos of the event and any notes, posters, or pamphlets given at the event. 

Applications are due 
November 15th, 2018 at 11:59pm EST. For more information and the link to apply, click HERE. Must be a SAVMA member to apply.

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