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Cultural and Diversity Awareness Grant

Cultural & Diversity Awareness Grant
SAVMA's Integrative Communication and Diversity Committee 

Cultural differences between veterinarians and clients, and in fact between veterinarians and other veterinarians, are one of many obstacles that the profession must face. To overcome these differences, each of us must approach all clients with an understanding of different values, beliefs, and personal preferences.

The SAVMA Integrative Communication and Diversity Committee (ICDC) provides financial resources to veterinary students who wish to develop and support activities or experiences that will increase cultural and diversity awareness within their student body. The event must have occurred in the past 12 months (between September 2017 and September 2018). Please include in your attachments any posters, pamphlets, or PowerPoint presentations given at the event to attendees. If supplemental information was not provided, please provide a detailed description of how your organization recognized diversity.

Click here to apply. You must be a SAVMA member to apply. Applications are due October 15th 2018.  

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