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Mondays are hard, memes make them better 

The beginning of the week is hard enough, but thankfully we have just the cure.

Directions: Memes and cartoons (90% laughing, 5% chuckling to yourself, 5% happy tears solution) Take as needed OU until symptoms of "Is Monday over yet" subside, refill as needed

Shared with us by Hannah Leigh Varnell from North Carolina State University
Submitted by Bryan Foote from Midwestern University


"When your male practice owner needs to get a message across", shared with us by Kyrie Ivanovich from Colorado State University


Shared with us by Bryan Foote from Midwestern University


"When vet students have been studying Microbiology for too long" submitted by Bryan Foote from Midwestern University


 "When your super special magnetic bowl goes missing, the one that has faithfully held your acupuncture needles for years... you have to take matters into your own hands". Submitted by Kyrie Ivanovich from CSU Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical SciencesShared with us by Louise Qu from Western University

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