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Life as a Vet Student

Honorable Mention, Life as a Vet Student

Kate Davis, Auburn University

E-collars can be as frustrating for clients as they are for the animals. My best e-collar compliance story is about a mixed breed dog who presented with multiple bite wounds. After cleaning and debriding his wounds, he was fitted with an e-collar. When he returned for his re-check appointment, it was obvious that the e-collar had not stayed on the entire time. When the client was asked about the situation, nothing could have predicted the response that followed. The client stated, “We took it off because our other dog learned to pee into the cone like a funnel.”


Wall Sit

Honorable Mention, Foot In Mouth

Chase Crawford, Texas A&M

Tired of waiting for patients to arrive in radiology? Try our new sit and be fit routine. Look out for our “Vet-sanity: Workout while waiting” DVD coming to a school near you.


Never Forget Where you came from: Teaching the Future of Veterinary Medicine

Honorable Mention, Experiences

Danielle Lindquist, North Carolina State University

Remember that one time you rescued and raised squirrels in your college dorm room? Or saved a hit by car dog with your local veterinarian? How about publishing your first research article in a peer reviewed journal? There are many ways people find inspiration to become veterinarians. Everyone has a unique story to tell that sparked their inner fire that is currently pushing them to obtaining their DVM. At NC State, the Speaker’s Bureau, made up of students from all four classes, has dedicated its mission to share their passion for medicine with the public. As veterinary students, we spend four (sometimes more) years wrapped up in a rigorous veterinary curriculum. The to-do lists, studying, exams and club activities are just a few of countless opportunities today’s veterinary students juggle every single day. The constant flow of knowledge we are expected to know for our education, in addition to the many leadership roles, really emphasizes the amazing group of students that dedicate their free time to influencing the future of the veterinary profession.  

The Speakers Bureau is a student run organization within the College of Veterinary Medicine that provides the public with an opportunity to have veterinary students come and speak at organized events. Students speak on a wide range of topics including: the role of veterinarians in the public, job opportunities in the veterinary field, and what it’s like in veterinary school.  From practicing public speaking to presentation preparation, these students are proving every single day that ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things. In just one semester, this small group of 20 students has visited over 20 facilities, ranging from pre-k students to retirement communities and pre-vet clubs. 

We are not “just” students, but trainees and members of the medical profession. Through our outreach efforts, the speaker’s bureau has made an impact on over 1,000 students in just Raleigh, NC alone. It can be quite easy to be bogged down by the constant expectations of trying to reach the highest grades or class ranks. I just want to encourage all medical professionals who are reading this: We go to veterinary school not to become excellent vet students, but to become excellent doctors.  



Winner, Creative Corner

Kevin Guzman, University of Georgia

Kevin's dog Machomang wearing a home made GoPro mount harness


Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

Winner, Creative Corner

Brooke Warner, UC Davis
A belt buckle fabricated by Brooke Warner out of silver and copper