Clinics scramble and other fun

I just wanted to update those out there about the ongoings of your loyal editor of The Vet Gazette. I've been quite busy with the start of clinics--it's a lot of work to come up with differentials AND at the same time have to figure out where the paper towel dispenser is in the ER!

The first week of June took me to Post Falls, Idaho to participate in the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Experience. If you haven't heard of the VLE, I encourage you to read more about it at:

The week-long experience brings together students, faculty and industry veterinarians from around the world to learn leadership skills and communication tools, culminating in how to apply those skills to the real world of practicing veterinary medicine. What I really love about the experience is meeting so many different people but finding out how many things we have in common. I even got to learn a little Arabic. Marhaba! (That means hello)

This week I've traveled north to Schaumburg, Illinois to participate in the Task Force on AVMA Programs for Students and Recent Graduates. We just got started this morning, but there are a dozen veterinarians and students committed to evaluating the programs that are available to students and what the next move can be to improve. How has the AVMA benefited you as a student member? I would love to hear from my readers on what you like about AVMA and what you think can be improved. Help me make the student voice be heard!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your submissions. Your regularly scheduled content should be returning in the next couple weeks.


Summer Sun

By: Melissa Herberer

Class of 2012, University of Nebraska/Iowa State University

I love how this palomino blends into the bright summer sky. Time to enjoy the beauty of summer!


This State of My Head

By: Lindsey Thomas

Class of 2013, Louisiana State University

I think this poem is appropriate for the end of finals and graduation. Together we will make it through :) Thanks, Lindsey for your submission.


This state of my head,

Like a not-so-solid pearl,

Is not what I know.

I am not insane

(At least not right now)

Though I see dinosaurs in the skin

Of my fingers

And ocean waves in a blue thread

And I fear the fourth.

Wow, what is that looking at me

In the reflection of a lamp?

Life is no book

(Unless, of course, it’s a biography)

Quit thinking you are not good enough

Just stop right there (but don’t stop everything)

You are

They thought so

They think so

So it must be so

(But no one really knows me)

Keep it straight! Know why you’re there.

Wow, the lines are almost beautiful.

Little miniature empty cages

My love will be gone

Far, far away! (Yes, it is far.)

Okay, do it now.

Refuse to break down.

Refuse to be weak, vulnerable,


Take advantage of the minutes in a day

And hold on tight--

The edge of the rocker is better than nothing. =)


December 24, 2009


Veterinary Students Take on Washington, D.C.

By : Susan Dugat

Class of 2011, Texas A&M University

Over 60 veterinary students representing 24 veterinary schools gathered at the Dupont Hotel in Washington, D.C. February 1-2, 2010 for the 2nd annual Veterinary Student Legislative Day.  The program is organized by the Student AVMA Governmental Affairs Committee and the AVMA Governmental Relations Division (GRD) as an interactive discussion and educational program about advocacy and the legislative process.  Students flew from all across the United States, the Caribbean, and Canada, many taking time over the weekend to tour the nation’s capital as a snowstorm covered the city under inches of white.

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Captive Oxymonacanthus longirostris

By: Manh Cao

Class of 2012, The Ohio State University

Eight months on a frozen and flake food diet. What a beautiful fish!

For those that don't have their fish taxonomy memorized (like me), this is an Orange Spotted or Harlequin Filefish which is native to coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific oceans. Here's a site where you can read more about them: