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Public Service Loan Forgiveness - Info for Students!

AVMA’s CONGRESSIONAL ACTION NETWORK makes it easy for you to take action and communicate with your congressional delegation. You can let them know where you stand on legislation concerning student loan refinancing, abolishing origination fees, restoring the Stafford Loan subsidy for professional students, eliminating withholding taxes on VMLRP awards and more.
AVMA is pressing Congress to maintain the PSLF and to increase awareness and participation in the program. Placing limits on PSLF and withholding taxes from forgiven loans will create insurmountable barriers for veterinarians to participate in PSLF. The program permits borrowers who qualify to get the remainder of their federal student loans forgiven after 10 years of regular payments. Veterinarians employed by federal, state, local and Tribal governments, colleges and universities and other qualified non-profit and certain for-profit entities are eligible for PSLF.
The cost of PSLF is drawing the attention of policymakers. It was originally projected to save student loan borrowers $135 million in repayment but is now expected to cover $5.4 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The Obama Administration, congressional lawmakers and policy influencers are considering modifications to PSLF which can be capped, changed, or eliminated altogether. There is no guarantee PSLF will be available with no changes when a borrower has met all the eligibility requirements. In his proposed budget plans in 2015, 2016 and 2017, President Obama called for capping PSLF at $57,500. The cap was included in the Administration’s preliminary reform package aimed at expanding the Pay As You Earn repayment program but was dropped from the final package. Also, several Republican House of Representative budget proposals have called for eliminating PSLF as well as ending in-school interest subsidy on all student loans, and repealing the expansion of income-driven repayment plans. Just last week a leading Washington think tank called for PSLF to be eliminated! A paper released last week by the Brookings Institution suggests that PSLF should be eliminated and the IBR should be used instead to help borrowers in repayment. Brookings urges reforms to "limit the most excessive features of PSLF." Here is a link to the paper: Is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Costing Taxpayers Too Much?
Want to learn more?  Check out this information about eligibility and participation!



Josh & Friends Challenge

All paws on board for the Josh Challenge!
Josh and Friends is a wonderful project aimed towards alleviating the stressful
environment that children face during a hospital stay. The book “I’ll Be O.K.”
and the soft plush “Josh” Golden Retriever are a combination to help a child
feel better through the joy of the human-animal bond.
The Josh Challenge is a way to engage your school’s SCAVMA chapter and
help out a good cause! The goal of the challenge is to see which school’s
participating chapter can raise the most money within their community,
enabling more children to receive the Josh and Friends kit. This challenge is
applicable to the current calendar year, and the school that wins is honored
with an award and will be recognized at the following SCAVMA Symposium
Presidents’ Luncheon. This is a fun challenge to not only raise money for a
fantastic cause, but to also contribute in a positive way to the lives of so many
Good luck and have fun!
For more information, check out:

ZOHU September Call


Please join us for the Zoonoses & One Health Updates Call

Brought to you by CDC’s One Health Office

Wednesday, September 7th 2:00 pm ­ 3:00 pm ET



BOTH AUDIO AND VIDEO Please note: this call will NOT be recorded.

For audio: Toll­free number:  800­857­9372    Participant passcode: 9330736                    

A limited number of phone lines are available for each call, thus, if possible we kindly request if there are multiple participants in one location that you dial in on a single line. Thank you for your cooperation.

For video: (Note: you must use a Windows PC for access; this platform does not support Mac computers.)

Participant URL: Conference number: RW5976021

Audience passcode: 9330736

Participants can join the event directly at: 


Tentative Speaker Schedule

News from the CDC One Health Office

Casey Barton Behravesh MS, DVM, DrPH, DACVPM

Captain, U.S. Public Health Service Director, 

One Health Office Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 


Managing Rabies at its Source in the Eastern U.S.

Richard B. Chipman, MS, MBA Certified Wildlife Biologist Rabies Management Coordinator, National Rabies Management Program USDA, APHIS, Wildlife Services


Development of Attenuated Poxviruses as Rabies Vaccine Vectors in Bats

Benjamin Stading DVM, MPH, PhD, Post­Doctoral Researcher, University of Wisconsin – Madison Tonie Rocke PhD, Research Epizootiologist, USGS National Wildlife Health Center;

Take a Bite Out of Rabies! A Global Perspective on the Current Status of Canine Rabies and CDC’s Role in International Control Efforts

Ryan M. Wallace DVM, MPH Rabies Epidemiology Unit Lead, Poxvirus and Rabies Branch Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Disclaimer:  Although  the  content  of  calls  is  directed  to  veterinarians,  physicians,  epidemiologists,  and  related  public health professionals in federal,  state, and local positions, CDC has no  control over who participates on the  conference call. Therefore, please exercise discretion on sensitive content and material, as confidentiality during these calls cannot be guaranteed. 

Next call: October 5th, 2016

Contact for monthly conference call:

For more information about One Health at CDC:


Extracurricular Funding Grant

The SAVMA Education and Professional Development Committee is offering four, $200 grants to veterinary student organizations to provide funding for wet labs or lectures supplementing their college’s curriculum.

Our vision for this grant is for student organizations or clubs to design either a lecture and/or wet lab for a topic to which students would not otherwise be exposed. Four, $200 grants will be offered, and winners will be chosen by the committee by the end of November.

Applications must be submitted by a student who is a member in good standing with SAVMA.  Please limit proposals to no more than 250 words and provide all required information (Budget, date/time, potential impact on students/veterinary professionals/surrounding community).  Alcohol must not be provided at the events, and funding must not be used for gifts to speakers.  Applications that fail to stay within these limits or fail to provide all required information will not be considered for funding at this time.

Guidelines the committee will use when evaluating submissions:

  • Uniqueness of proposed wet lab/lecture
  • Effective supplementation of the veterinary curriculum
  • Brief description of proposed event budget (ie. what the grant money will be used for)
  • Impact the event will have on students who attend
  • 250 word limit

Submissions are due by Monday November 7!  Please email submissions as an attachment to with “Fall 2016 Extracurricular Grant” in the subject line.  Also include your name and SAVMA ID# along with your submission.

Winners will be selected by the end of November. 


Veterinary Leadership Conference

Enhance your leadership skills and expand your professional network! How would you do such a thing, you might ask? By attending the 2017 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference, of course! VLC provides leadership sessions and networking opportunities for those who want to contribute to and shape the veterinary profession, and develop skills that can be used in other professional and personal pursuits.

New in 2017 - one student from each of the veterinary colleges represented in the SAVMA House of Delegates is invited to participate in the 2017 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference.

The AVMA will reimburse airfare/mileage and up to three nights shared hotel room and tax.  Registration fees ($340) are not reimbursed by the AVMA.

Below is the link to the application! Applications are due by October 15th at 11:59pm CST: 

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