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2017 AVMA Convention Travel Grant

The SAVMA Education and Professional Development Committee is offering funding to veterinary students to attend the 2017 AVMA Convention held in Indianapolis, Indiana from July 21st - 25th.

The AVMA Convention is an excellent professional development resource for all SAVMA members. In addition to providing opportunities for students to network and learn about the activities of professional veterinary organizations, the AVMA Convention features a variety of CE sessions that students can attend. Therefore, the Educational and Professional Development Committee has started a travel grant program to help offset the cost of attending AVMA Convention! Four awards will be given at $250 each and are available to any SAVMA member. Applications are due by by Friday, April 21, 2017!

The application and information on how to apply can be found here.


Diversity and Communications Development Travel Grant

The goal of this grant is to provide financial resources to encourage students to attend conventions, symposiums, or other approved professional development conferences which promote diversity and communication within the veterinary profession. Up to five $200 grants will be given to deserving individuals who have attended or wish to attend a meeting.  You can apply for this grant for upcoming events or retroactively for any event that has already occurred!

For more details, you can find the application form here!


Cultural Diversity and Awareness Grant

Cultural differences between veterinarians and clients, and in fact between veterinarians and other veterinarians, are one of many obstacles that the profession must face. To overcome these differences, each of us must approach all clients with an understanding of different values, beliefs, and personal preferences.

The goal of the Cultural and Diversity Awareness Grant is to provide the financial resources to encourage students to develop and support activities or experiences that will increase cultural and diversity awareness within their student body.

You can find the application here, including information about how to apply.



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Policy Education Grant

SAVMA’s Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) is offering a grant to veterinary students and veterinary student organizations to provide funding for policy related lectures and/or events supplementing the college’s curriculum.

These grants ($500 with a chance of additional funds) will be awarded to the applications best outlining a program that demonstrates innovation, the potential to impact a large number of students, and accurate presentation of a topic(s) related to governmental affairs in veterinary medicine. The GAC hopes that with this grant, veterinary students will have the opportunity for exposure to current and practical topics that may not otherwise be included in the typical veterinary curriculum.

Applications are due by January 17th, 2017 and can be found here!