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2015 Economics Summit

The third annual AVMA Economic Summit took place on Wednesday, October 21st in Chicago, with over 150 in attendance including academic deans, industry and association leaders, as well as practice owners. SAVMA was well represented, with President-elect Matt Holland (Illinois), Veterinary Economics Officer and Officer-Elect Elizabeth Johnson (Tennessee) and Peter Czajowski (Oklahoma State), and SAVMA Delegates Ori Eizenberg (St. George) and Andrea Carr  (Missouri) also in attendance.

Created in 2011, the Economics Division is much like a lighthouse to the AVMA, analyzing data and market trends so we can be more prepared for economic downturns or market changes in industries that impact our profession, such as agriculture.

The purpose of the annual summit is to inform and educate individuals in the profession about current economic trends as they relate to markets for veterinary education, veterinarians, and veterinary services.  The primary conclusion from the summit was that the economic state of the veterinary profession is improving, according to Economics Division Director Dr. Mike Dicks.  Data collected for research came from AVMA members, pet owners, and other sources. Specifically, the average starting salary for the class of 2014 was $70,000, the number of applications to available jobs has dropped to 1.5:1, and the debt-to-income ratio of graduating veterinary students is hovering around 2:1. More research is needed and being conducted on topics such as demand for pet insurance, factors leading to successful and struggling practices, as well as consumer demand characteristics. The Economics Division also released a new video aimed at informing Pre-Veterinary students on debt numbers and  strategies to pay for veterinary school. The title of the video is ‘What You Need to Know About Paying for Veterinary School’ and can be found on YouTube.

More information on reports from the Economic Summit can be found at


SAVMA Teaching Excellence Award Applications


Do you have that special teacher that made the most unbearable subject interesting? Well here is your chance to give them the recognition they deserve. 
Nominate them for the Teaching Excellence Award! All you need to do is answer the questions (seen in the guidelines) and submit them with the cover letter by Monday, November 30th, 2015 to with the subject TEA Nomination
If your nomination wins, not only will your teacher be recognized with an award at next years SAVMA symposium at Iowa State, but you will also win a 125$ award for being the winning author.

Download the application instructions here.


SAVMA One Health FAQ

-       What types of events qualify for SAVMA funding?

-       What’s the difference between start-up funding and additional funding awards

  • Start-up funding: Each school is guaranteed $700 per year (based on school’s eligibility)
  • Additional grant funding: Competitive awards are considered each semester based on the project’s merit
  • Please note that schools can (and are encouraged) to apply for both start-up funding and additional funding 

-       What dates are important to know?

  • Proposed 2016 Spring events: Due date is November 13, 2015
  • Proposed 2016 Fall events: Due date is May 1, 2016

-       Can I apply each semester?

  • Start-up funding: One award per school is distributed between one SAVMA symposium and the next SAVMA symposium
  • Additional grant funding: Awarded each semester on a competitive basis (see above deadlines)   

Extracurricular Funding Grant Applications due November 6th!

Education and Professional Development Committee Fall 2015 Extracurricular Funding Grant Application

The SAVMA Education and Professional Development Committee is offering four, $200 grants to veterinary student organizations to provide funding for wet labs or lectures supplementing their college’s curriculum.


Our vision for this grant is for student organizations or clubs to design either a lecture and/or wet lab for a topic to which students would not otherwise be exposed. Four, $200 grants will be offered, and winners will be chosen by the committee in November.


Applications must be submitted by a student who is a member in good standing with SAVMA.  Please limit proposals to no more than 250 words and provide all required information.  Alcohol must not be provided at the events, and funding must not be used for gifts to speakers.  Applications that fail to stay within these limits or fail to provide all required information will not be considered for funding at this time.

Guidelines the committee will use when evaluating submissions:

  • ·       Uniqueness of proposed wet lab/lecture
  • ·       Effective supplementation of the veterinary curriculum
  • ·       Brief description of proposed event budget (ie. what the grant money will be used for)
  • ·       Impact the event will have on students who attend
  • ·       250 word limit

Submissions are due by Friday, November 6, 2015!  Please email submissions as an attachment to  Also include your name and SAVMA ID# along with your submission.

Winners will be selected and notified in November (before Thanksgiving). 

Good luck!!!


SCAVMA Leadership Conference 2015

AVMA Headquarters, August 28-29th, 2015

Over 70 SCAVMA Presidents and officers from all across the country had another successful SCAVMA Leadership Conference a few weeks ago at the AVMA Headquarters in Shaumburg, IL!  

Students had a great discussion about how each chapter has used the ALL for Students funding that each chapter has received so generously from the AVMA, made possible by AVMA PLIT, AVMA GHLIT and SAVMA.  The various categories applicable include wellness, community outreach, professional development, and leadership.  The funding was put to use in all sorts of ways at various schools, including having water bottle-friendly water fountains installed, to hosting leadership workshops with Dr. Betsy Charles, to even opening a new SCAVMA Bookstore! Be sure to include the "all" logo when hosting any event made possible by your chapter's All for Students funding!

Breakout groups were also formed for students to have discussions and share ideas about SCAVMA fundraising ideas, how to use All for Students funding, and to talk about the possibility of a new SAVMA logo.  Have a cool idea yourself, or want to learn more about how other school's have success? Ask your chapters' officers for more information!

By now you may have noticed that the AVMA has a new look to it.. or if you haven't, you will notice it now!  The AVMA has entirely updated it's branding with a new, sleeker logo and the great slogan "Our passion.  Our profession."  Head to the AVMA website to see it in action!