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SAVMA One Health FAQ

-       What types of events qualify for SAVMA funding?

-       What’s the difference between start-up funding and additional funding awards

  • Start-up funding: Each school is guaranteed $700 per year (based on school’s eligibility)
  • Additional grant funding: Competitive awards are considered each semester based on the project’s merit
  • Please note that schools can (and are encouraged) to apply for both start-up funding and additional funding 

-       What dates are important to know?

  • Proposed 2016 Spring events: Due date is November 13, 2015
  • Proposed 2016 Fall events: Due date is May 1, 2016

-       Can I apply each semester?

  • Start-up funding: One award per school is distributed between one SAVMA symposium and the next SAVMA symposium
  • Additional grant funding: Awarded each semester on a competitive basis (see above deadlines)   

Extracurricular Funding Grant Applications due November 6th!

Education and Professional Development Committee Fall 2015 Extracurricular Funding Grant Application

The SAVMA Education and Professional Development Committee is offering four, $200 grants to veterinary student organizations to provide funding for wet labs or lectures supplementing their college’s curriculum.


Our vision for this grant is for student organizations or clubs to design either a lecture and/or wet lab for a topic to which students would not otherwise be exposed. Four, $200 grants will be offered, and winners will be chosen by the committee in November.


Applications must be submitted by a student who is a member in good standing with SAVMA.  Please limit proposals to no more than 250 words and provide all required information.  Alcohol must not be provided at the events, and funding must not be used for gifts to speakers.  Applications that fail to stay within these limits or fail to provide all required information will not be considered for funding at this time.

Guidelines the committee will use when evaluating submissions:

  • ·       Uniqueness of proposed wet lab/lecture
  • ·       Effective supplementation of the veterinary curriculum
  • ·       Brief description of proposed event budget (ie. what the grant money will be used for)
  • ·       Impact the event will have on students who attend
  • ·       250 word limit

Submissions are due by Friday, November 6, 2015!  Please email submissions as an attachment to  Also include your name and SAVMA ID# along with your submission.

Winners will be selected and notified in November (before Thanksgiving). 

Good luck!!!


SCAVMA Leadership Conference 2015

AVMA Headquarters, August 28-29th, 2015

Over 70 SCAVMA Presidents and officers from all across the country had another successful SCAVMA Leadership Conference a few weeks ago at the AVMA Headquarters in Shaumburg, IL!  

Students had a great discussion about how each chapter has used the ALL for Students funding that each chapter has received so generously from the AVMA, made possible by AVMA PLIT, AVMA GHLIT and SAVMA.  The various categories applicable include wellness, community outreach, professional development, and leadership.  The funding was put to use in all sorts of ways at various schools, including having water bottle-friendly water fountains installed, to hosting leadership workshops with Dr. Betsy Charles, to even opening a new SCAVMA Bookstore! Be sure to include the "all" logo when hosting any event made possible by your chapter's All for Students funding!

Breakout groups were also formed for students to have discussions and share ideas about SCAVMA fundraising ideas, how to use All for Students funding, and to talk about the possibility of a new SAVMA logo.  Have a cool idea yourself, or want to learn more about how other school's have success? Ask your chapters' officers for more information!

By now you may have noticed that the AVMA has a new look to it.. or if you haven't, you will notice it now!  The AVMA has entirely updated it's branding with a new, sleeker logo and the great slogan "Our passion.  Our profession."  Head to the AVMA website to see it in action!






            As many of you are aware, mental health and awareness is a growing concern in veterinary medicine. Since veterinary students are exposed to large amounts of stress and anxiety, the Texas A&M SCAVMA decided to host a “Find the Joy” week for the 7 days leading up to our final exams in the Spring.

            We wanted to get students out of the vet school, so we used a large portion of our All for Students funding to send our students to events throughout College Station. Some of the activities we chose were an Aggie baseball game, a local theater production of Peter Pan, a night at a ceramic painting studio, hiking in a local park, and we capped off the week by renting out a new yoga studio for a morning of relaxation classes and tea.

  Due to the cost of these events we utilized a randomized sign up process and limited participation to a certain number of students per event. We were able to put every student in either their first or second choice event and we had nothing but good feedback from everyone who participated. I think that it is important for vet students to go out and “find the joy” right before finals and that this was a huge success in doing so. I would like to encourage all SCAVMAs to consider putting on some kind of wellness event and if you would like any other information regarding our Find the Joy week feel free to contact me at


Christopher Dolan

Texas A&M SCAVMA President


Discussions focused around loans, wellness, and diversity

AVMA Convention - July 12-13th, 2015

Your SAVMA Delegates were hard at work this summer at the AVMA Convention in Boston. 

SAVMA President & President-Elect, Jessica Carrie and Matt Holland, began their week in the AVMA House of Delegates as your representatives of the student voice. Discussion in the AVMA House focused around accreditation and four proposals were brought to the floor to modify the Council on Education. Matt and Jess addressed the House sharing their belief that while accreditation is an important topic, there are issues of greater importance to the profession such as wellness and student debt.  Their address moved the House to vote down the proposals and shifted attention to more important issues.

In the Student House of Delegates, discussion focused on those very topics.  The delegates received an informative presentation from Dr. Tony Bartels from the VIN Foundation on navigating student loan repayment.  By knowing your own debt and your personal repayment options, student loans become much more manageable.  Delegates were instructed to bring that message back to their schools and teach students about their options.  You can learn more about Dr. Bartel’s presentation here:

SAVMA’s Mental Health & Wellness Taskforce also gave an update on their progress sharing input from the AAVMC, WVLDI, VOICE, IVSA, and AVMA Future Leaders.  The Taskforce has developed a survey that will be sent out to all SAVMA and IVSA members asking about mental health and general wellness while in veterinary school.  It’s been known for quite some time that veterinary professionals are susceptible to these issues.  This survey will be a unique opportunity to understand how these issues affect us while we’re still in school.  The Taskforce is also working on a media campaign to reduce the stigma around mental health.

Kyle Hohu, Senior Delegate from Purdue, also proposed the creation of an Ad-Hoc Executive Board Cultural Outreach Officer position.  Diversity is an important issue to our profession and discussion on the proposal was rigorous.  The House decided to approve the creation of this position which will be evaluated next year at Convention to determine whether the goals of such a position were met or if the position should exist permanently.

Delegates and Presidents worked alongside each other discussing important topics such as SAVMA/SCAVMA collaboration, wellness, and utilizing resources form the AVMA.  They also enjoyed an engaging talk by Dr. Betsy Charles, founder of the Veterinary Leadership Institute, to help everyone become better leaders.

SAVMA and SCAVMA Leaders continue to work to serve you.  So be sure to take advantage of everything offered to you by becoming a member today!

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