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Interschool Collaboration Grant

ICDC is proud to announce the release of the much anticipated initiative, the first ever Interschool Collaboration Grant this fall!  This grant aims to foster collaboration between the different veterinary institutions as they work together to share ideas, offer support, and put on great events centered around Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.  In order to qualify for this grant, your school’s local diversity-based chapters (VOICE, Broad Spectrum/LGVMA, WVLDI, SCORE, or other diversity-oriented student groups) will pair with the same chapter(s) at another school in order to work together to put on an exciting joint event between both schools.  Each school is limited to only one other school for pairing, and it is our hope that you will get your entire school involved in this unique collaboration so you get the most out of your experience.  

In order to facilitate the pairings, we are providing a list of all the mentor and mentee schools along with their main contact, as well as a detailed document outlining steps to make your pairings as successful as possible. Each school should feel free to reach out and find their match from the mentor/mentee list provided. The paired clubs with the most impactful events with the greatest participation at each school will be awarded the first prize of $500 for each school in the pair, while the runner ups will be awarded $250 for each school in the pair.  The deadline to submit your application for this grant will be on December 1st 2017 at 11:59pm EST.  Happy pairing!


2017 NAVLE Study Package Scholarship

The Educational and Professional Development Committee has an opportunity for you to earn money for your NAVLE studies!

 Submit an essay of 250 words or less describing what “professional development” means to you. (What would you suggest to an incoming first year? What are some key steps in becoming a successful veterinary professional?)

There will be a total of 10 awards of $300 each, and even if you have already purchased a NAVLE study package, you can still be reimbursed up to $300!

Submissions are due by April 10th, 2017!

Please send submissions as an attachment to  Remember to include your name and SAVMA ID # in the attachment!

Winners will be announced in early May.



Policy Education Grant Update

SAVMA’s Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) is offering a grant to veterinary students and veterinary student organizations to provide funding for policy related lectures and/or events supplementing the college’s curriculum.

These grants ($500 with a chance of additional funds) will be awarded to the applications best outlining a program that demonstrates innovation, the potential to impact a large number of students, and accurate presentation of a topic(s) related to governmental affairs in veterinary medicine. The GAC hopes that with this grant, veterinary students will have the opportunity for exposure to current and practical topics that may not otherwise be included in the typical veterinary curriculum.

The grant deadline has been extended! Applications are due by February 10th, 2017 and can be found here!


Fix the Debt Live Webinars

The debt-to-income ratio is high in many professions, but is particularly high in veterinary medicine. It currently stands at about 2:1, representing debt at twice the starting income. According to the 2016 Report on the Market for Veterinary Education by the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) and the AVMA, the mean full-time starting salary accepted before graduation in 2015 was $70,117. However, the total median educational debt for veterinary graduates that same year was slightly more than $156,000.

The SCAVMA Committee for Educational Debt at the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine is working to host a series of live lunch webinar presentations to be held March 27-31, 2017. This weeklong event will address several of the key outcomes of the first Fix the Debt Summit held last year and will cover topics ranging from financial literacy and loan repayment to career awareness and professional competencies. The event will be a broadcasted live to all veterinary schools across the country and also saved on an internet database for veterinary students to access at any time. The goal of this will be to educate and empower veterinary students all across the country to come together to find solutions and start taking actions to alleviate the debt to income disparity.  We also hope to create a sustainable and thriving veterinary profession for the future.  Further details regarding the speakers and topics will follow in the March SAVMA newsletter


Wellness Support Fund Update

The SAVMA Wellness Committee is offering funding to veterinary students and veterinary school organizations that wish to promote physical, mental, and emotional health at their college of veterinary medicine. The committee will award up to $2,500.00USD each cycle to student applicants demonstrating the need for assistance with a project, lecture, or event(s) that will foster physical or mental wellness in their respective college, on an as needed basis.

You can download the updated information form and application here.

Congratulations to last cycle’s winners, who submitted amazing proposals for wellness events at their school: University of Missouri CVM, UC Davis SVM, NC State CVM, University of Illinois U-C CVM, and Texas A&M CVM!

Way to go! We can’t wait to hear how your projects turn out!”